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The digital world has witnessed this week two samples of collaboration, of marriage between the physical and the technological, very different from each other. But with some common points. The first sample is in the already recurring video game in these parts Elden Ring. The third-person medieval fantasy game, which features asynchronous multiplayer (a game mode in which a player can request help from other players, who jump from their game to ours to lend a hand at a specific moment), It has a quite absurd difficulty peak when it comes to facing a certain character.

Malenia, known as the Sword of Miquella, is a member of the royal family that activates the folklore of the game. Defeated and the victim of a curse placed on her body (an aesthetically beautiful curse, mixing bloody veins with colorful insects), Malenia rests in the rotting roots of a giant tree. There we meet her. Or we try, because the truth is that within the enemies of the game it is the most difficult by far.

That combat has brought millions of players down the street of bitterness in recent months. Until we met the hero we needed. Emerged first as a rumor on the internet, and then as a person of flesh and blood expert in that combat, it is about a player who lost against Malenia 240 times before becoming a master in that precise confrontation. Now, before we fight her, if we’re lucky, we can summon her to help us. He calls himself Let Me Solo Her, something like “leave me alone with her”. She doesn’t wear a cape (in fact, she only wears underpants) no mask, but a ceramic jar that covers his head. That’s all of his clothing. Well, that and two swords, one in each hand. When she starts using them, we can stay behind and see one of the most beautiful and complete dances in the current video game world, since Let Me Solo Her will finish off Malenia without her even being able to touch him. The networks echoed the phenomenon. Several specialized media managed to interview that hero. On Wednesday it reached 1,000 deaths. That is, 1,000 players he had helped overcome the biggest challenge in the game.

Image of the player Let Me Solo Her, from 'Elden Ring'.Image of the player Let Me Solo Her, from ‘Elden Ring’.

Changing the background, but without losing the digital form, the same Wednesday the launch of KEYZELL OPS was announced, an artificial intelligence system developed by the startup Spanish biotech KeyZell together with the technology company Iakan, which defines itself as capable of “recommending personalized treatments for lung and breast cancer to medical professionals, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient and their type of cancer”.

In other words, KEYZELL OPS helps oncologists make more personalized decisions, managing to reduce recurrence, overmedication, and treatment costs. According to the company, it uses a Machine Learning system, a mechanism in continuous learning “that feeds on thousands of data from medical records, creating machine learning models from the medical experience collected over the years.” It will suffice for the oncologist to enter the patient’s data on the platform and it will display the most appropriate treatments in the form of a ranking. It is not the only similar initiative.

Obviously, the story with Let Me Solo Her is just an anecdote within that great entertainment that is Elden Ring, while KeyZell’s announcement is big news. But, although the substance is different, the form is the same: both are forms of collaboration with machines (or through machines) unimaginable just a handful of years ago. Remember that digital times are exponential, not linear. And let us dare to free the imagination to sketch what the world of the future could be like. Well, actually, the world within not so much.

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