This is the truth that hides Yamcha’s “power” in Dragon Ball


Beneath the great meme that this warrior has become, there is a great hidden power…

Much of what has been said about Yamcha’s strength in Dragon Ball is based on unproven assumptions, when in fact his power level is actually a great mystery, both in the anime and manga, his slow invisibility after the The franchise’s initial arc has opened this field to speculation. For example, in Dragon Ball Super, we see several supporting characters get into action during the Tournament of Power, Android 18, Piccolo, Krillin, and Tien, etc. Nevertheless, Yamcha was destined for oblivion in this part for not being strong enough.

Contrary to the explanation they gave for not including it, they did little or nothing to help Goku, Vegeta and Android 17 take the victory at the end of this story arc. But, their presence helped fans identify how strong they are and also make some meaningful comparisons and an idea of ​​their current position within the current power scale of the franchise. In contrast, the anime offered no such hints as to Yamcha’s power level. Because he didn’t fight in Dragon Ball Super, there’s no fair way to judge how powerful he really can be.

yamcha dragon ball super true power

In fact, since the Android Saga and shortly before, Yamcha’s true power is an anime mystery that seems nowhere near a satisfying conclusion. The show’s handling of his character left some big unanswered questions about where he stands on the franchise’s power ladder. The debate over how strong differs greatly even within Dragon Ball Z, with arcs where he can fight alongside the rest of the Z Warriors and others in which he is easily defeated.

At the end of Buu’s saga in Dragon Ball Z, it was confirmed that Yamcha was as strong as Krillin. That was pretty consistent with how he was portrayed throughout the anime, as he, Tien, and Krillin were thought to be in the same league within the power scale (both for better and for worse). However, Dragon Ball Super hinted that his situation has changed drastically since then. For a reason not mentioned on-screen, Yamcha was omitted from Goku’s Universe 7 team. That, plus his absence from the Golden Frieza saga, gave many the impression that the Z Fighters had left him behind. Now, Yamcha is often referred to as the second weakest of the entire group, with only Chiaotzu at a lower level of power.

Yamcha’s true power in Dragon Ball

While it is very possible that it is true that Krillin and Master Roshi have surpassed Yamcha, at the same time there is no real evidence in the Dragon Ball universe to support this point. Unlike the rest of the franchise’s heroes, Yamcha would be a complete unknown factor if he were to participate in a second Tournament of Power or a battle with a future villain (discarding the current Space-Time Tournament which is considered outside of official canon). He’s obviously a long way from the Saiyans, Piccolo, and Buu, but he wouldn’t necessarily do any worse than his fellow humans..

Yamcha supposedly stopped training at some point after Dragon Ball Z, but that alone doesn’t confirm anything about his place in the show’s power structure. After all, Krillin also stopped training, and Roshi may not have done enough to get ahead of Yamcha..

yamcha dragon ball super true power

All things considered, he could be the weakest link on the battlefield or the most underrated fighter on the show today. The lack of concrete answers as to how Yamcha compares to the others in Dragon Ball Super sets up a scenario where the show can really do what it wants with him in stories to come, as it will surely do in Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO with Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin and other secondary characters. Either way, when Yamcha finally returns to action, the anime has the potential to deliver either a huge surprise or a huge disappointment..

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