claim the trio and you keep them forever

It has been a full week in which we have been able to get hold of a work on the face. Terraforming Mars is part of the past and now it is the turn of the works that Epic Games Store has available to us. Be careful, we are talking about three titles of a higher caliber.

And it is that it is impossible to resist the temptation to take Prey, Jotun and Redout: Enhanced Edition. The Arkane Studios game repeats once again for free and the wonderful adventure of Thunder Lotus it is available free of charge.

In the case of the third leg of this table, frantic races await you without paying toll. Remember that you have until the next day 19 to claim them and once you do, they will be yours forever.

The best games of 2022 for PC


Year 2032. You are not on Earth, but on the Talos I space station. There is no one in the entire structure and there are objects that insist on not staying in their place. Everything begins to get complicated when you discover that an alien race is roaming the facilities.

Jotun: Valhalla Edition

The best of Jotun it’s that it’s right in your eyes thanks to the fabulous work of the development team drawing everything by hand. Norse mythology awaits you as you control Thora, a Viking warrior who will have to prove her worth to the gods.

Redout: Enhanced Edition

If you like speed and futuristic aesthetics, you’re in luck. Here we have a good substitute for the wipe out either f-zerosince the arcade formula of reaching the finish line without slowing down is still the ultimate goal.

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