what happens if we mix Dark Souls with crabs?

The new Indie World issued by Nintendo has ended with the announcement of a somewhat curious video game by Aggro Crab, the creators of Going Under. Your new project will be about Another Crab’s Treasure and it will be about a souls like.

Inspired by titles like Dark Souls, what this new action adventure stands out for is the fact that we will take control of a crab called Krill who will set off on a journey to locate a treasure and recover its shell. However, the path will be fraught with dangers and threats.

Why we compare everything to Dark Souls

Everything will take place in a contaminated underwater world and that we will be able to explore from top to bottom with this small crustacean that we will have as the protagonist. To get ahead, you will have the ability to rummage through the garbage that is found and thus use it as a shell to protect yourself from attacks from enemies.

In total there will be more than 50 shells available that will be very useful, including cans or thimbles, for example. But don’t be confused by its nice visual section, because the studio has stated that it will be very challenging. the launch of Another Crab’s Treasure It is expected in 2023 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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