The Middle Lands continue to push their limits after surpassing 13.5 million units sold

We knew that Elden Ring was going to sell like hot cakes and the truth is that we were not wrong. FromSoftware’s work was positioned as the most anticipated title by Steam players in 2022 (a position now held by The Day Before). With such a precedent, sales could already be projected into the tens of millions.

In the first data that we could know, the Japanese company placed the figure at 12 million units sold. A spectacular performance that has now been amplified through the latest financial report of the studio. There are more than 13.5 million copies distributed worldwide as of March 31.

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We are talking about versions that have been delivered to the different stores physical and digital for users to buy, but surely they have already been purchased. It’s a small upgrade from what has been an absolutely spectacular performance.

And the best thing that can happen to Elden Ring beyond these numbers, is that the community does not stop talking about him. Just yesterday Let Me Solo Her ended his feat of killing 1,000 Malenias to become a legend. On the other hand, the modding community continues to add more meat to the Midlands by allowing us to play with Cloud Strife.

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