The creators of Gato Roboto announce Gunbrella, an adventure in which we will make our way with a deadly umbrella

In the new Indie World broadcast this afternoon, several video games have been announced, including Gunbrella, the new work of Doinksoft, known for being the creators of Gato Roboto. It is a platform action adventure that bets on a pixel-art style and a noir-punk theme.

That is only one of the important points of this title, but the gameplay shown in its first trailer makes it clear that we are facing a very frenetic game. Our character will be equipped with an umbrella that will turn out to be a deadly weapon being able to use it as a shield and firearm.

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Gangsters, policemen, sectarians will be some of the characters that our protagonist will cross paths with, a rude lumberjack in search of revenge. While exploring the settings and interrogating the inhabitants, he must fight against criminal gangs, but there will also be specters and other types of monstrosities that he will have to deal with.

Of course, you can wait seated until it goes on sale, because Gunbrella release is set for 2023on a more specific date to be determined, and will go on sale for Nintendo Switch on consoles and through Steam in its PC version.

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