League of Legends will alter its gameplay by making all champions more resistant

Something that is common in League of Legends is the fact that every two weeks it receives an update that is mainly dedicated to reviewing certain characteristics of some champions, to improve them if they have fallen far behind or make them worse if they are too powerful. However, soon Riot Games will carry out a very important revision that will affect each and every one of the characters.

This same will be reflected in future patch 12.10whose purpose is to increase the durability of existing champions so you don’t deal as much damage overall during these matches. The point is that currently it is very easy to take life for different reasons, but with greater resistance the company hopes that it will be easier to test the skill of the players by having more opportunities to attack, defend and above all endure a fight.

This will change your base health, as well as the health, armor, and magic resist you gain from leveling up. To keep this all in balance, other minor aspects will be adjusted, so sustain tools will become weaker, while Baron, turrets, and mana regen will be buffed. Thus, in the long run, no character will be rendered useless at any time during the battle.

What’s currently happening is that support or weaker champions don’t tend to stand out as much because it’s easy to take them out in a heartbeat. For this reason, so that these situations do not happen and it is more satisfying to kill someone, everyone will be harder so that players are forced to use champions correctly. Otherwise, a poorly applied combo won’t be able to wreak as much havoc.

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Another reason for this decision is because Riot Games considers that sometimes the fights are too fast and confusing, so it hopes that this measure will also serve to make the direct confrontations of 5v5 even more spectacular and capable of tilting the balance in favor of one team or another in the case of playing correctly.

While Riot Games promises that will closely monitor all these changes so that they are not too exaggerated and will apply the appropriate changes if necessary, he has indicated that as soon as the patch goes into effect all players will see how their characters’ statistics will change, explosive damage will require the use of more resources, counter-attack opportunities will be more frequent and on All combat will not be a matter of a few seconds.

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