Unreal Engine 5 questions reality with the recreation of a train station in Japan

There is no way we will get tired of the same. Unreal Engine 5 is a graphics engine with truly amazing potential and that is demonstrated in the different demonstrations carried out by the community. The city from The Matrix Awakens, for example, has already seen Superman and Spider-Man stroll between its buildings.

This time we do not have to go to the field of science fiction, but to the recreation of pure reality. And it is that the artist Lorenzo Drago has rolled up his sleeves and proposed recreate Toyama train station in Japan. As you can see, the Epic Games tool makes us doubt if we are facing a real video or not.

Why we need a remake like god commands the first The Witcher

Drago explains that the modeling, texturing, lighting and animation of the environment It is made exclusively by him. He has only used Quixel Megascans to use the foliage that we can see between the train tracks.

Drago indicates that, obviously, he has sought to achieve the most photorealistic result possible. The work has been carried out with special care and detail to accurately recreate the characteristics of the train station. In the video we can see that he has used the same system used for VR, in order to emulate the sensation of a camera in hand and a flashlight.

The truth is that there are already large developers who have opted for Unreal Engine 5 in your projects. One of them is the next title of The Witcher, in the same way that Lara Croft will return showing off in the Epic Games engine.

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