the coffee that destroyed my viking empire

This week I have done two things that have been key to reaching this Minecraft experiential: I have reviewed for the millionth time the The Hobbit trilogy (extended version, obviously) and I have made a series of guides on VidaExtra focused on survival. How to fortify your home, everything you need to know about lava, tame horses, tame cats, tricks to survive in caves and find your way around the world, etc.

I prepare these guides by mixing information: part of my memories and part of third parties as a result of research. I have felt very wise in Minecraft and then a phrase that Gandalf says to Bilbo lit the fuse:

The world is not in your books and maps. It’s out there.

Gandalf has always been a very inspiring character for me. So I thought: after the chaos on the farm and my experience with PVE, what great story can I tell this week?

Extreme Mode in Minecraft: an unexpected journey

The Minecraft Extreme Mode It is, as the game itself indicates, an experience similar to Survival Mode, but much more difficult and with only one life. The important factor in this matter is not the difficulty, but the matter of have only one life. Default mode settings.

I knew I wasn’t going to get to the Ender Dragon, so I set myself a more realistic goal for my level: get to settle down and explore laying small foundations. Something like the beacons between Rohan and Minas Tirith, to continue with the theme of The Lord of the Rings.

While the world was being generated I could only think about the spawn location that Minecraft was going to choose for me. My mind (as usual) went to the worst possible scenarios: In front of a lava lake, in the middle of the snow or in the desert… Where did I appear? At the entrance of a huge cave. My first instinct was to run to the exit.

I was in a green area surrounded by ice and snow. A few trees, a frozen lake and some animals like pigs and sheep. It didn’t take me even 10 seconds throw myself against the animals to obtain its resources: wool for the bed and meat to eat

Minecraft Experiential 1

My mind at a thousand an hour thinking about the list of things I wanted to do: find a suitable place to live, the tools, the house, the night and the enemies that are coming… Two minutes into the game I was already more overwhelmed that the day you forgot to take the cardboard to school.

The village in the snow: “destroy what you see and don’t be generous”

After exterminating all the sheep and pigs that I found at the beginning, I headed to a higher area to reconnoiter the terrain. THERE WAS NOTHING! He was in the middle of a snowy area with no hopeful destination. I approached the screen to try to see far away and I saw wooden blocks arranged in a triangular shape. Roofs, I thought.

Upon arrival it was exactly what I expected: a fishing village God forsaken. Obviously, I carried out the most peaceful Viking plunder in the history of mankind. I scraped away everything I could and more, I even took a bed. Then, I found the highest hill and built a structure with earth to put everything I had stolen in a chest.

The plan was simple: build my house on top of the hill and have exploited the citizens of the village. After a few hours collecting materials in a nearby forest, I return to my hill and start building my house. This process took me several hours.

Setting priorities: where is my kitty?

At this point in the game, the last thing any normal player would do is to look for the cat he saw in a village a few hours before. But I am not a normal player. After making a rod and spending some time fishing, something I had never done before in Minecraft, I set out to conquer (or bribe, depending on what you want to see) the cat I saw in town to accompany me on my adventures.

Cat Minecraft Experiential

I didn’t find what I was looking for, so I had to settle for the first one that came my way after wandering around for a long time. Now I had a little friend (I called him Kiwi) to accompany me and scare away some enemies. Life smiled at me, but it was not going to take long to give me two hosts to put me in my place.

The next step in my grand plan to subdue the village was to go to the cave I first appeared in, which was surprisingly close to home, and turn it into My mine. I connected the entrance to the little basement I made at home, that’s how close it was.

My tuned car doesn't fit the glue in GTA Online: I wanted to show off and got stuck in a Fast & Furious movie

After making two guides giving advice on how fortify your home Y explore caves, my confidence in my chances of survival was through the roof. My home was going to become an impregnable fort after looting whatever resources I could from that cave.

The beginning of the end: it’s all the coffee’s fault…

The hours passed, so much so that it was beginning to dawn and in a few hours I had to start my shift at VidaExtra. “I have a couple of hours left. Since I’m here I keep playing and I’m going straight.”

minecraft torch 3

I went back to the mine to chop some more before calling it quits. By now I was stung on all sides, had killed a few enemies and more or less had control of the area…or so I thought. I kept digging in search of a new area with veins of materials.

After so many hours, my mind was in automatic mode and many times I looked away to take a look at the live that was open on the secondary screen. In this case, I looked away to take the last sip of coffee that I had prepared before entering the cave. The next thing I heard was silence (the pickaxe did not sound against the stone) and then the lava damage sound effect.

Lava in Minecraft: where to find it and how to use it to your advantage

What happened? I hit the ground that led to a large cavern with a lake of lava with the bad luck that I fell in the center. My brain, completely destroyed after +10 hours of gameplay in a rowreacted by making a series of decisions typical of his state: I dropped the glass (I use plastic cups because it is not the first time it has happened to me, so there was nothing to regret) and tried to avoid the inevitable.

And so ended my game in Minecraft Extreme Mode. After a few minutes of self-control, I fell on the table and thought: “Well, at least I know what to write this week for VidaExtra. I’m going to take a shower…”

Now it’s your turn to tell me about your experiences: What has been your most absurd death in Minecraft Extreme Mode?, how did you react to? I read you in comments.

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