He makes one of the most unexpected Dragon Ball Trunks cosplays you can imagine


Trunks from Dragon Ball GT takes part of the limelight.

Throughout all these years it has been possible to see how Dragon Ball characters have been growing to the point that, for example, Goku has gone from being a young man who was barely two hands tall to even being a grandfather, although the Saiyan’s DNA prevents him from aging as he should.

This is something that extends to the rest of the characters in the series, so that we have been able to see how Gohan has become a family man At the same time, Trunks has gone from being a baby to a young teenager, being in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero where we will see him in a more adult version within the canon without counting his version of the future.

Trunks from Dragon Ball GT as one of the great entrepreneurs of Capsule Corps

trunks dragon ball

Under this same premise, it must be said that the truth is that in Dragon Ball GT we had another adult version of Trunksbeing this one of the main protagonists along with Goku and Pan in the first arc of the series, maintaining in the rest of it a supporting role in the battles.

And it seems that This has been the inspiration for the latest Trunks cosplay seen on networkssince in the first chapters of Dragon Ball GT it was possible to see that Trunks was a high executive of Capsule Corps, his family’s company, wearing a yellow suit and glasses, despite the fact that it has been seen that he does not need them .

It is for all this that the cosplayer alaskajere_cosplay has been in charge of recreating this version of the character, as you can see in the Instagram post that we leave belowthis being one of the most original cosplay of the character, since, in general, what we usually see tends to focus on future trunksthis being the version of the character that appeared in the arc of Cell and the Androids and whom we have barely seen again except on a few occasions.

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