Cloud Strife leaves Midgar to take a walk through the Elden Ring and annihilate bosses thanks to this mod

Ever since the Elden Ring completely took over our lives, we have been able to see all a bunch of mods passing in front of us. The community always gets down to business, offering to summon Let Me Solo Her to defeat Malenia or bring the dark side to the work of Hidetaka Miyazaki.

This time we have to talk about one of the most legendary JRPGs in the industry. Final Fantasy VII makes a surprise appearance in the Middle Lands thanks to the work done by Rena. And it is that Cloud Strife is the skin that she has managed to include in the FromSoftware title.

Elden Ring squeezes, but doesn't drown: Hidetaka Miyazaki has learned to offer his hand to lift you

Of course you can try this mod Totally free in the PC version. The truth is that the work done is really good, reminding a lot of what we could see with Final Fantasy VII Remake. The protagonist of the work of Square Enix actually replaces Radahn’s armor in Elden Ring.

Of course, the mythical Buster Sword does not miss the appointment to deliver blows everywhere. Godfrey notices it well in the combat of the video, being able to carry such a well-remembered two-handed weapon and being practically larger than Cloud himself.

The truth is that the passion of the fans is total. Even The Lord of the Rings has a place in Elden Ring, at the same time that a removed mechanic has been discovered that allowed the dreams of enemies to be stolen.

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