Material from a canceled Half Life game emerges


The saga has been waiting for its third installment for years.

At this point in life one should already know that in Valde they don’t know how to count to threeso that many of his sagas are simply left in two installments despite the fact that the plot lines give for much more, being with a great difference Half-Life the saga that most demands a new installment by the fans.

However, the history of this is already well known, since the third installment starring Gordon Freeman never came, being quite unlikely that one day we will see it, at least in the short term. And if that wasn’t enough, it looks like it’s leaking now. half-life projects canceled.

Half-Life 3 is still not close to launching and on top of that Valve cancels titles in the saga

Gabe Newell confirms: Half-Life 3 has been in development

To put in context, you should know that after Half-Life 2 they planned episodes that function as mini-sequels, thereby giving rise to two being released, but the third never made it to stores. And it seems that it was not the only canceled projectsince a project by Arkane Studios (creators of Prey and Dishonored) called Ravenholm has been leaked that it would have been the fourth episode.

As you can see in the video that I leave below these lines, this title would not have had Gordon Freeman as the protagonist and would have led us to a European city full of zombies, the goal being to return to Ravenholm. In this way, in the following video you will find one hour of footagealthough it should be noted that it is not finished.

According to what has been known, this scenario had the function of a technical demo in order to show Arkane’s talentbut Valve finally canceled the project, being so this I would have opted more for the riddles.

For the rest, it must be said that, despite the little hope of seeing it, fans still want to see Half-Life 3 in stores one day, taking the enormous critical success of Half-Life Alyx, a spin-off of the saga in Virtual Reality to give force to a possible return. However, that is only something that time will tell in the event that they learn to count to three.

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