I wanted to show off and got stuck in a Fast & Furious movie

I have squandered, invested and extorted to achieve my goals. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters in GTA Online is how much money do you have in the bank account. How thick your wallet is determines a lot of things, from whether you can get hold of a fighter with which to annihilate unsuspecting players, to further expanding your dodgy business.

Until now, I have gone rifle in hand without compassion for anything. It’s been fun, but there was a part of me that hit hard asking me to heed the title of the game. Hell, first of all, Rockstar created a series focused on cars and during my return to multiplayer I have not touched them with a stick.

Yes, I have a pitiful Maibatsu Penumbra ever since I took my first steps in Los Santos and I’m embarrassed to take him out for a walk down the street. It’s ugly, it’s slow, and only the Houser brothers know why it’s still in my garage. Beyond the fact that one day it will end up in the scrapyard, I got one of my favorite cars with one goal: to leave it nickel plated.

Paint here, paint there

How? what is my favorite car GTA Online? I don’t know if it’s the one I like the most, but the Declasse Saber Turbo certainly has a special place in my heart. I know you meet 547 in the streets of the city, but its aesthetic fascinates me. I kindly ask a driver to lend me his and I go to Los Santos Custom (Customizadores, for friends).

I reach the one near Lester’s lair and brace myself. Obviously, I’m not level enough and haven’t accumulated the necessary amount of races to have everything I’d like unlocked. I’m not going to be able to put the best engine, the best transmission or the best brakes, but many times It is, above all, to appear. This is how I entered the workshop:

GTA Online

Like John Hammond in Jurassic Park, we’re not going to spare any expense here. I can perfectly afford to spend about 109,000 dollars to paint everything and make it perfect. That yes, I was with the number 112 dialed on the mobile because it almost gives me a daze seeing the prices of the chrome wheels and the horns that sound in a loop.

There are bumps in GTA Online And then there’s Rockstar trying to get me to leave several tens of thousands of dollars so that when I press the horn the GTA IV tune starts playing. In any case, it is time to enter the underworld that moves between the illegal races and mass hangouts.

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It’s time to burn the wheel

Now that I have a car to show off and be proud of, it’s time to answer one of the incessant calls I receive on my mobile. Hao, who gets a little too heavy at times, meets me at a garage in Vinewood. I want to test what the Los Santos Tuners update, released last year, can offer me.

A brutal Grotti Turismo Classic looks at me with beady eyes and I get on it. Hao gives me a challenge that is little more than a joke: beat his best mark by going through a section of the city. Even though I finished the tour, such a racing car is an unruly beast. The steering is extremely precise and I’m not convinced by the brakes, so I end up with the occasional spin.

You know that situation where you walk into a costume party dressed as a Roman emperor and no one is in costume? That’s how I felt when I saw what’s going on in Mimi’s industrial warehouse. Ultra-luxury sports cars, underbody neon lights, cars making the suspension little more than a trampoline, and colored smoke. Well, my car turns on the headlights…

GTA Online

That looks like the mythical meeting in the parking lot of Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift, full secrecy. People look like something out of a LMFAO video clip and I get the impression that everyone is looking at me, because I’m out of place. The roost is run by Mimi herself, who makes me pay $50,000 to become a member. Once you see the prices of Los Santos Custom, nothing surprises me anymore.

But hey, I understand that relationship between what I see and what I play. In the end, you have to somehow transfer these meetings to the gameplay itself and for this there are the races, whether they are urban or pursuit. Not only are there exclusive competition formats, but there are discounts on clothing and special modifications in the workshop. Reasons to come back, hey, especially when I have a free upgrade.

GTA Online

Mind you, I can’t use it because I don’t have a super sports car that breaks all speed limits. That will come later, when he fills pools with bills. While, I walk around the parking lot and I like what I see. With a touch of the button, I see which car is on display and make a note of it in case I’m interested. But I loved two things.

The first is being able to get a Pegassi Zentorno for the face, simply by completing a quest over several days. A tremendous car that I am dying to have in my collection. The second is that there are cars that can be tested. It may sound silly, but it’s nice not to have to mortgage your apartment before buying a car at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Hopefully, even my car can catch the attention of others, that those interested in it ask Hao for a replica and share the profits. It is a system in which aesthetic taste and the increase in my bank account are related, which I like. I don’t know if many people will ask for an outfit like minealthough I did what I could. Judge for yourselves.

GTA Online

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