codes with free Protogemas, Mora coins and experience

If you play Genshin Impact and are looking for and capturing codes with Protogemas, experience and free Mora coins, you’re in luck This is all that they give us with the redeem code formula in May 2022.

It doesn’t matter if you play from PC, PS4, PS5, iOS or Android, if you want to get the loot you have to go to the next link on the page of Genshin Impact and from there you can redeem all the free codes to get the prizes.

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Genshin Impact Codes – May 2022

Promocodes GEnshin impact




60 Protogems and 5 XP

50 Protogems and 3 Hero Engines.

Remember that you can only use the code once per character and that the prizes will appear in the mail of Genshin Impact when you log in again. In order to redeem the codes you need to have reached the level 10 of adventure

Don’t take too long to redeem them, genshin impact codes expire much earlier than in other games of this style and it would be a shame if all those free protogems lost in the infinity of the internet without being able to enjoy them.

Stay tuned because we will update the codes when they expire and new surprises arrive with the new update that is published today. Enjoy them!

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