The best Star Wars video game in history according to VidaExtra readers is…

The question we put to you a few days ago for the weekly discussion, within our Discord serverwas the following:

What is the best Star Wars game ever and why?

And today it’s time to take a look at all the answers that you have sent us to bring us here a few and leave the door open in the comments so that those of you who have not participated in Discord can share your opinion with the rest of the readers.

We started with the message that he left us Eduardo Garcia:

“The truth is that it is a difficult choice. I am passionate about some PS2 gems like Bounty Hunter, for example, and those The Awakening of the Force 1 and 2 that turned the great Starkiller story around, but I have to admit that the qualitative leap of Fallen Order was beastly , the best of the genre”.

On the other hand, our reader Sandman commented something that goes more or less along the same lines:

“The Force Awakens 1 and 2 will always be the best I’ve ever played. For me, being able to enjoy an apprentice of the force and part of the Vader story was a joy. PS2 Battlefronts are also some of the best in entertainment.”


It is Rockotrex who decides to go for other courses:

“Lego Star Wars. Well, jokes aside (although it’s not, great games), I think I’d stick with Empire at War. One of the best RTS with a layer of Star Wars that remains of 10. Besides it has some of the best supports and Mods communities there is, it would only lack a remaster and I lose my life.

Finally we bring the comment you left us CarAMJ:

“Don’t forget the Super Star Wars trilogy for SNES, very good games, and from the last generations I’ll keep Fallen Order”.

Now, as I said at the beginning, the comments are all yours to continue the conversation. What, in your opinion, is the best Star Wars game ever and why?

Thanks for participating.

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