a streamer breaks his tv while playing without a leash


The history of the Wii era repeats itself.

When one might think that we would not see certain sagas again, Nintendo goes and surprises with the announcement of Nintendo Switch Sportsa title that drinks from the essence of the mythical Wii Sports to bring it back, this time to the hybrid console, the option of being able to play various sports making use of the controls created by the Japanese company, in this case the Joy-Con who take over from the mythical Wii Mote.

However, if one thing is clear, it is that, whatever time passes, there are things that do not changesince the most veterans will remember that the Wii era was also known as the era of broken televisions, since there were not a few cases of users who did not know that the control strap had a utility. And it seems that with the new title history repeats itself.

There are people who do not learn from the mistakes of the past

Chambara on Nintendo Switch Sports

La Chambara is a one-on-one duel of swords.

It recently went viral as a streamer has traveled to the pastsince while he was playing Nintendo Switch Sports, specifically tennis, it has been possible to see how, the very unconscious, played without a leash. You can already imagine what has happened, since at a given moment the Joy-Con has been thrown out of your hand, with a result with which few will be surprised. You can see the clip below:

Given this, it would be necessary to see if it has been something intentional or not, since it has been possible to see a somewhat abrupt movement, in the same way as something like that today it just goes viral. However, the surprised face seems to show someone who has screwed her up in style.

For the rest, it must be said that, unfortunately, some Joy-Cons have been injured in this incidentin the same way that the cost of repairing the television could lead to buying another.

That said, we must remember that the new Nintendo title has had a excellent acceptanceas can be seen in our analysis of Nintendo Switch Sports, being also a game that will expand over timewith golf and a variant of football confirmed.

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