Farewell to the Nameless King

Like every Saturday, we dive on our Discord server to rescue the coolest captures that you have sent us during the week to the channel Photo mode. The theme that we proposed was free, so we have received a bit of everything. Let’s go there.

The person in charge of opening this post is the work of our reader ruben_berja, who accompanied her with the following message: “I leave this capture of Dark Souls 3 after having finished with a certain Nameless King. Certainly a nice guy.” It’s not the most spectacular capture in the world on a purely aesthetic level, but who cares, it has a truly amazing aura.

Without departing completely from FromSoftware’s work, we have this screenshot of the Demon’s Souls sent by AJLuque. He told us this:

“There are other worlds but they are in this one, and if the devil is the prince of this world, he will have to be named with his realities: asp, serpent, dragon, viper, snake, basilisk, beast, multitude of animals, toad, hyena, crow, wolf, spider…

Demon's Souls

Finally we bring a new capture of Umo Heima, of which he himself told us that “Red Dead Redemption 2 has one of the most complete photo modes I’ve seen so far. The old photo filters are really amazing.” And reason is not lacking, as you will be able to verify below:


And for this week: sports

Taking advantage of the fact that the new Nintendo Switch Sports is launched today, we want to take this opportunity to ask you to send us screenshots that are related to sports. The possibilities are enormous, let’s see what you surprise us with.

We remind you that they must be video game captures made by you inside the games, without spoilers and indicating the name of the game they belong to. If you can also accompany them with a comment of yours to give us some context about why you did it, how you did it or what you want to tell us about it, even better.

You can upload your best captures to our Discord server (Photo Mode channel) until next time friday may 6 if you want them to enter the candidates.

Thanks for participating!

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