create a procedural system that allows you to combine all kinds of creatures

Since Pokémon came to the mythical Game Boy back in 1996, we have only asked ourselves one thing: What would happen if Let’s combine a Pikachu with a Charizard? Or any couple we imagine. The issue has always been on the table and the desire to see this dream come true has been a constant.

To make up for the lack of joint transformations, we have long used surrogates like pokemon fusion. Authentic aberrations have come out of that website, but a programmer has set to work to please us all. Through a procedural system that he has designed, he has achieved that any creature in his video game can successfully combine with another.

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RujiK’s work is fabulous and even more so when it is explained by himself. A self-confessed follower of the Nintendo saga, he recounts that in his childhood he bought Dragon Warrior: Monsters. The work for Game Boy Color was an RPG that allowed to actually merge different beings to give rise to a new one.

Little RujiK’s illusion was complete, but it quickly faded as he realized the system’s limited ability to match creatures. Frustrated for years, he has now achieved his purpose of designing a program that does allow impossible combinations.

Has a few dozens of monsters created by himself for testing and the results are great. Of course, for now it has not announced any plans to launch in some way what it has created or generate its own game with it.

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