a streamer breaks his television playing Nintendo Switch Sports

The memories we have playing Wii Sports. The title of the Nintendo console became an instant classic and that in many cases served to the rest of the family tried video games for the first time. Back in the mid-2000s we were able to play tennis, bowling, or even baseball.

Many years have passed, but it is clear that there are customs that are never lost. Therefore, we can see how the streamer 63man makes the most feared mistake when you want to return the ball with a backhand. Even in Nintendo Switch Sports, you don’t get rid of the Joy-Con flying to crash into the television.

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It does not matter how many times Nintendo warns us or how many videos we have seen with similar examples. There are still players who don’t finish put on the safety strap on the wrist to avoid such unpleasant and even dangerous incidents.

In this case 63man does not hit anyone around him and it is the television that ends up paying for the broken dishes. A few days ago the Japanese company published a series of warnings and advice on how to play Nintendo Switch Sports in the most appropriate way. Surely none of this is going to free us from seeing other players throw the Joy-Con into the air.

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