a return to the purest style 1,000 ways to die

A week ago I told you about my return to Minecraft after years without playing it. Today I want to tell you how it has been to meet an old friend: death. I have died in 1000 different ways in this fantastic game full of joy and color. It’s been a busy week…

The dark side of Minecraft: dying over and over again

I thought I was ready to go back to Minecraft. Now here near. I have remembered a very important life lesson: the more prepared you think you are, the stronger the host is when you stumble. And I assure you that the host against Minecraft has been monumental.

I have made several minecraft guides throughout the week at VidaExtra. In one of them I tell you how to defeat the Ender Dragon. The guide made me think: “it would not be bad to focus this new experience a little more on PVE”. It’s been a glorious week for all you Minecraft critters, because I have passed the face on each side of each cube that makes up the floor of the world I play in.

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All my experience in survival games like 7 Days to Die, State of Decay 2 Y rust they have been useless. Minecraft has a very dark and cruel side. Don’t be fooled by its relaxing appearance and colorful setting… IT’S A TRAP!

Assuming defeats in Minecraft after Elden Ring

I have recently completed Elden Ringso it can be assumed that I am a person who knows accept defeat. Minecraft has taught me that I’ve really learned that lesson within the “FromSoftware context”, but have lost some of the respect I had for other games, including survival games.

minecraft night

minecraft has a cruel side in that it is a survival game (it has a mode with the same name) because it has the ability to punish you just in those moments when let your guard down more than account.

It’s just the opposite effect to Elden Ring: you know that at any moment you can be played and you advance in tension at all times. Minecraft invites you to relax, it’s easy to get carried away by its atmosphere and music… until you take shelter from 2 creepers at home without thinking too much about it and they blow you up next to half of your farm. At that moment I thought: I miss Malenia from Elden Ring.

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I admit that I have been angry more than once to die in Minecraft. The wash and the damn spiders, among other creatures, have had me on the ropes… but the fact that the 2 creepers blew up half of my farm was the last straw. Also, do they skeleton archers Not a single arrow misses?!

minecraft pve

Another very funny death: I avoid a creeper at the exit of a cave, it explodes, I smile and the roof falls on my head due to the effect of the explosion. The world came crashing down on me as I remembered everything I had in my inventory after hours of collecting materials. Then I saw a video of death compilations in Minecraft and it passed me by.

Minecraft is not your friend, do not be fooled

Dying in minecraft hurts. Sometimes you die because of an oversight, sometimes because enemies corner you, and sometimes you simply don’t even know what happened because a hidden creeper explodes when you walk by. Minecraft wants to kill you, but she doesn’t show you until it’s too late.


In the previous post I told you that during my first days I focused my experience on building my farm and making plans to expand it. Today I tell you how my second week has been, this time focusing my game on PVE.

They are very different ways of playing and I wanted to get to this point precisely: Minecraft’s greatest virtue, what makes it such an incredible game, is its ability to offer a very wide range of possibilities for you to choose your experience. What adventures await me next week? And you, Are you good at Minecraft PVE?, do you take deaths well? I read you!

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