These are the locations most desired by fans of GTA VI


The game is currently in development.

It has been known for a few months now that GTA VI is in developmentalthough its status is completely unknown beyond the fact that it is in a very initial phase, so we will still have to wait for what may happen at the end of this year, since October-November is the preferred period of Rockstar to show new content about their titles.

Be that as it may, the truth is that the leaks around GTA VI speak of a setting in Vice Citythe iconic city of the saga and that had its own title, which would also imply a role similar to that seen in the fifth installment, where Los Santos was used again as the base city.

Several cities that fans would like to see in GTA


GTA VI is in development, confirmed by Rockstar Games.

Under this premise, a betting website would have carried out a curious initiative (in which we discourage you from participating), since they would have shared a bid in which users can vote between twelve major cities to see where the new Rockstar title would be set.

Given this, it must be said that they have not been limited only to cities in the United States, since we can see that Beijing, Paris, London and Rio de Janeiro are some of the options to choose from. Of course, the more complicated it is to see them in GTA VI, the higher the percentage of benefits in case it is successful. The full list would be as follows

  • Los Angeles +150
  • miami +150
  • New York +150
  • London +500
  • Rio De Janeiro +500
  • Boston +1000
  • Detroit +1000
  • Las Vegas +1000
  • Seattle +1000
  • Paris +2500
  • Tokyo +2500
  • Beijing / Beijing +5000

Be that as it may, it must be said that this list does not mean that some of the locations indicated necessarily have to leave, since Rockstar could surprise with GTA VI set in Teruel or in any other location in the world. Of course, for that we will have to wait, since everything indicates that we will not see the game in motion for quite some time, in the same way that its launch is not expected before 2024 or 2025so you will have to be patient.

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