Toei Animation, Dragon Ball Super studio, explains how they managed to hack them


Finally, no company is invulnerable.

Toei Animation is one of the largest animation houses in Japan with One Piece and Dragon Ball under its catalog. Unfortunately, he is by no means insurmountable as the huge hack he recently had that stopped several of his series from airing. According to the accident investigation reportan unauthorized third party accessed Toei Animation after an employee downloaded commercial software containing a ransomware virus:

“A company employee downloaded business-required software from an external website, which had been manipulated to simultaneously download a software program that would serve as entry point for ransomware infiltration“, Toei Animation shared. “Subsequently, on March 6, the Company confirmed unauthorized access to its network by a third party.”

Dragon Ball Super delay one piece toei animation

Given the results of the investigation, the studio shared the actions it took once third-party access was discovered. Toei Animation also confirmed how exactly the hacker caused the delay of several anime projects like Dragon Ball and One Piece, among others:

“Following unauthorized access by a third party, parts of the data on the Company’s server and PCs were encrypted after being infected by the ransomware, causing delays to parts of regular operations and anime production. for about a month.” According to the company, there should be no more delayincluding the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie.

Dragon Ball Super, the most affected of TOEI Animation’s animations

Dragon Ball Super hit a snag this year with a delay for its next movie, and by now most fans know that Toei Animation was behind it due to the aforementioned hack. In fact, the studio was forced to postpone several releases. anime this spring after this sinister. And thanks to the aforementioned report, fans have learned how exactly Toei Animation fell victim to the ransomware takeover.

Dragon Ball Super delay one piece toei animation

Now, Toei Animation says operations are running as normal and has taken steps to prevent a ransomware takeover from moving forward. The studio’s shows have returned to the air with One Piece marking its return with one of the best episodes of the show to date. And in June, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will make his debut in Japan before traveling abroad to raise money at the box office.

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