Team of the Week 32, April 27 to May 4, 2022

Coincidence or not, the arrival of the Team of the Week 32 of Ultimate Team has coincided with the definitive confirmation that FIFA 22 will lead the May 2022 Plus games. Perhaps the major leagues and competitions of the season begin to close, but a new impulse arrives in the EA Sports soccer saga. A new stage in which the new letter In Form of Andrew Robertson (rated 90) becomes our new obsession.

Robertson leads a new team that seeks to balance the good streak of forwards of the previous weeks based on a compact, iron defense and full of proper names such as Houssem Aouar from Olympique de Lyon ( rating 84), Philipp Lienhart (also rating 84) or Hamari Traore ( rating 84). They may be relatively modest averages for a TOTW, but their newly enhanced attributes don’t go unnoticed.

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With the cards dealt and on the table, it’s time to answer the big question: is it worth opening envelopes or keeping the accumulated ones for the upcoming Team of the Season? There may not be a universal answer, since it will depend on how you have arranged your own team, but at VidaExtra we have a really interesting solution: breaking down each title card of the Team of the Week 32 retail.

Like every seven days, we have gathered and arranged in one place the 11 cards that make up the TOTW. And just a little further down you will find the entire team, including substitutes and reserves, with their respective general averages. All these improved cards will appear in the envelopes until May 4, 2022, but there is an additional nuance: if you are interested in any of them, you can have them from today by bidding from the Transfer Market.

Without further ado, below you will find all the Team of the Week 32 cards broken down in detail.

Kruse (SDI) TOTW, with an average of 84

FIFA 22 20220427210812 1

Corona (EI) TOTW, with an average of 84

FIFA 22 20220427210821 1

Muniain (86) TOTW, with an average of 86

FIFA 22 20220427210836 1

Volland (CAM) TOTW, averaging 85

FIFA 22 20220427210829 1

Gabriel Jesus (ED) TOTW, with an average of 87

FIFA 22 20220427210844 1

Aouar (MC) TOTW, with an average of 84

FIFA 22 20220427210851 1

Calhanogl (MC) TOTW, with a mean of 84

FIFA 22 20220427210859 1

Robertson (LI) TOTW, with an average of 90

FIFA 22 20220427210906 1

LienHart (DFC) TOTW, with an average of 84

FIFA 22 20220427210914 1

Traoré (LD) TOTW, with an average of 86

FIFA 22 20220427210921 1

Trapp (BY) TOTW, with an average of 87

FIFA 22 20220427210928 1

All Team of the Week 32 cards including Substitutes and Reserves

FIFA 22 20220427211504 1

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