Sony is blocking PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now prepaid cards so users can’t accumulate months

As the weeks go by, the new PlayStation Plus continues to leave us with news of all kinds, although today’s news is probably not to the users’ liking, because it seems that Sony has made the decision to block prepaid PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now cards.

These cards are the ones that can usually be found in large supermarkets and by exchanging them you can add months to the subscription of any of these services. However, it seems that Sony has not taken kindly to the fact that people were buying enough cards to use them and thus increase the duration of the new PlayStation Plus subscription quite a bit.

The point is that once this new service is activated, all those who are signed up for both PS Plus and PS Now will see that your subscription automatically converts to PlayStation Plus Premium level, the most expensive of the three that will exist and the one that will grant access to all the advantages. In addition, the subscription time will stay with the one with the later of the two expiration dates.

That said, in VGC we can read that they are not especially few users who are complaining that their prepaid cards have become useless, because when exchanging their respective codes they get an error. In this way, it is guaranteed that no one can take advantage of the conversion to considerably lengthen the duration of the subscription for a lower price than it costs, since it will be valued at 16.99 euros per month or 119.99 euros per year.

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At no time has Sony officially ruled on this situation. However, there are users of ResetEra who have contacted customer service and the response they have received is that the possibility of accumulating months is being blockedadding that those affected must wait until their current subscription ends to be able to use the cards.

In this way, the company would be avoiding the method that is being used to save money for the launch of the new PlayStation Plus that will be activated on June 22 in Europe. By then, Sony will make it easy to change your subscription level by simply paying the difference.

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