League of Legends and the purpose of its One For All mode: win, have fun or troll?

Although I enjoy playing ARAM, one of the main modes in League of Legends, I also like to hang out with its other alternative modes, such as URF and ARURF or also the Ultimate Spellbook, despite its flaws. Along with these there is also another one that is one of the oldest that exists and it is about One for all.

The first time it was launched was almost ten years ago and since then it has become one of the rotating modes that has been present in the game the most times, something that is partly not surprising due to its peculiar mechanics.

Thanks to the event that is currently being held, Escuadrón Anima 2022, has temporarily returned and that has allowed me to play a few games again. Even so, it has left me with the same old sensations that make me doubt if the people who participate play with the aim of winning, have a fun time without any pretense or directly want to troll the staff.

One character for five players

To perfectly define this game mode we could put an image of the Spider-Man meme in which two of them appear pointing at each other, because here each and every member of the team will play the same characterbe it five Ahri, five Tresh, five Renekton, five Nasus, etc., against another group that will also be made up of five identical champions.

Before taking action, each of the players must choose a character that will be eliminated so that no one can choose it. In this process, each one will have their reasons for selecting one or the other, but in my case I have to admit that I always choose to vote for someone who is absolutely worthless, such as the newcomer Renata, although I will explain the reason later. .

League Of Legends Renata

Once the ban phase has elapsed, in which you can choose not to eliminate anyone from the field, it will be time to choose the character you want to play with. However, that does not mean that it will be that champion that we are going to control, since the process is a vote and the winner will be chosen through a draw. Therefore, the higher the percentage, the more likely it is that someone in particular will win.

Even so, if a group of players plays with their friends and four of them choose to select the same one, they will automatically win, regardless of whether the fifth in disagreement chooses a different one. In addition, each and every champion, regardless of whether they have been acquired or not, will be available on the select screen.

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clones everywhere

A few moments ago I told you why Renata is the one I am choosing lately so that no one can vote for her, but she has her compelling reason. Mainly because the two games in which she has won have ended in defeat because it couldn’t be more useless. I imagine that my teammates would catch her for being the new one and thus have a way to test it easily, but honestly, for that they should go to a test game.

The problem is that in League of Legends We already know that teamwork is essential to victory, so it’s also important to have a balanced group that can bond and help each other with their abilities and ultimate attacks. However, what happens then if you have five support champions like Renata?

Well, basically, the damage it causes is practically minimal and it is more difficult to finish off the opponents, especially if her skills are not designed so that she alone takes care of the opponents. Naturally this will also depend on the character of the rivals, but if they are tanks, as has happened to me, then you can forget about winning.

Of course, not all tanks are good, nor are all those who support them bad, because in Rell’s case it is of little use to be as hard as a stone that costs horrors to lower his life, because that compensates with damage almost nil and in the long run that plays against him. On the other hand, in the second group we can find five Yuumi, which at first glance may seem useless for this mode, but nothing is further from the truth.

I myself am one of those who thought that playing with this kitten was a disaster, but her ability to climb on top of another companion is a real bombshell. Imagine if four Yuumi climb on top of the fifth that remains and begin to heal her nonstopbecause that makes it extremely tedious to reduce its life and on top of that it can cause havoc if they all use their ultimate at the same time.

A mode that is not intended for all champions

League Of Legends 03

For all that has been said so far, I consider that someone who wants to play with a Renata or a Rell is because they don’t want to win and prefer to troll or annoy, because otherwise I can’t explain what other reason exists to opt for any of them. It’s just that they’re not even fun (in this particular mode), because it’s okay that there are other tanks or support characters that aren’t that badass either, but at least they’re more entertaining to control in a mode like this.

In any case, in general One For All is not equally compensated for each and every one of the champions that exist and it could be said that half of the game is decided in the selection phase. Without going any further, this afternoon in my group we were five Pyke against five Zed and we have been too far from proclaiming ourselves the winners, but not because it was impossible to defeat the opponents, but because of the minions.

Yes, it may sound crazy, but not everyone is equally good at killing those annoying enemies that run through the different lanes of the stage. Pyke is certainly one of them and he can do little against a super minion, the most powerful of these creatures, and even less if they get together against a single player. This is how it happened to us that in the end the Zed group have sneaked into our base and with a little sweat we could finish them off, but so many minions have gathered at the same time that they alone have knocked down our base without being able to do anything to avoid it.

League Of Legends Pyke

And something that could also be applied to this situation is ultimate abilities, which there are champions that have some devastating and others that are not that useful either against certain opponents, which reminds me a bit of the problem that Ultimate Spellbook sins against. For example, in another game that I played this afternoon there were five of us Caitlyn and by being able to aim from afar with her ultimate we have non-stop massacred the opposing team.

Despite all this, will I continue playing Uno Para Todos? Yeah, because I’m usually still amused by the fact that we’re five equal players, even though there are games that aren’t balanced at all, but luckily it doesn’t happen most of the time and at least it’s another good way to pass the time. Of course, I hope that the next rotation mode that Riot chooses is Nexus Bombardment, which is already playing.

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