Iron Man gets an impressive armor


Find out what Tony Stark’s new and impressive armor looks like.

Throughout the comics we have been able to meet numerous costumes that Marvel created for the character of Hombre de Hierro. Many of them adapted to the circumstances of the moment so that they could contain the threats of each moment. Now, Marvel’s armored Avenger is wearing a shiny new stealth-based suit that’s coming with the comic. Iron Man #22which will be available in specialized stores starting this summer.

Find out what Tony Stark’s new and impressive armor looks like

As part of their upcoming July 2022 solicitations, Marvel Comics revealed a preview of Iron Man #22 which shows to Tony Stark with all-new stealth armor. The number comes from the writer Christopher Cantwell which also has art from Angel Unzueta. The comic’s drawings feature impressive armor that relies on stealth and Tony finds himself flying through the sky, barely recognizable in the night.

Iron Man #22 will focus on the more human side of Tony Starkwho has already passed his harrowing period as the iron god. Right now he is trying to track down his old friend and employee Vic Martinelli, only to find him murdered by the Titanium Man. Tony finds out that the murder goes beyond Titanium Man and Vic may have been killed because he was in possession of the Mandarin’s rings. That is why his best weapon will be to use stealth and cunning to track down the deadly rings before they fall into the wrong hands.

Iron Man gets an impressive armor

This stolen suit is reminiscent of armor Mark VII from Tonywhich first appeared in Iron Man #152 from 1981. The original all-black suit was made of polarized metal mesh armor and hid everything else to the maximum. In his initial design, Tony had not equipped the suit with weapon attachments and only used it for scouting missions. In Iron Man #229, Tony improved armor with a limited arsenal and the limits of this new armor are not yet known, but it is estimated that it will be really powerful.

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