Bethesda gives the green light to transfer titles from its app on PC to Steam

One of the biggest changes we’ll be making to our game library starts today. Bethesda announced a few weeks ago that, its PC platform, would close soon. Therefore, it is time to migrate all the works of the company to the Valve store.

The system to do so starts today, April 27, and you can do it by following the steps indicated by the company. Everything is designed so that we don’t lose a single one of the content that we have obtained so far, be it the video games or the wallet. Of course, although the saved games are automatically included in the migration, there are exceptions where it will have to be done manually.

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In cases like these, it will be necessary to continue using our user to be able to play, with the exception of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, where games cannot be transferred in any way. And it is that we can continue to access our account through the web and the company will continue to provide support in the future. However, we must take into account a key aspect that we must not overlook.

As of May 11, it will be inaccessible to play the titles within the app itself. Yes, the migration can be carried out later, despite this. Remember that the support for the transfer is exclusively to Steam and not to another platform

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