A Minecraft player perfectly recreates the Imperial City from The Elder Scrolls IV


Todd Howard would be proud.

In the absence of seeing what Bethesda gets out of the sleeve with Starfield and, of course, The Elder Scrolls VI, Oblivion is still one of the company’s best-rated games for many. The scale of the game was totally groundbreaking for the time and surprised thanks to its RPG section, narrative and, of course, artistic and visual section. Nowadays it is very dated graphically, but entering the Imperial City of Oblivion for the first time still gives many fans goosebumps. fans like this Minecraft player who set out to replicate the Imperial city from The Elder Scrolls IV block by block, and the truth is that it has not been bad at all.

about two years It has taken au/Branman1234 to complete this Imperial City of Oblivion in Minecraft, asgura via Reddit, but the result is absolutely incredible. Through a clip where he takes a brief tour of the construction, we see that the scale of is totally crazy, Minecraft struggles to load all the blocks efficiently. We see that no iconic place in the city is missing, from the Arcane University, the Market District, the Temple Districtthe Imperial Prison or the Paseo Marítimo.

There is also the Arena in the form of a coliseum, the elven gardens and, of course, the great white tower that crowns the city both in the Bethesda game and in this recreation of Minecraft. A true symbol of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that is sure to delight fans.

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the future of minecraft

While the original Minecraft proposal continues to receive news, such as version 1.18.30, everything seems to indicate that Mojang is already working on expanding the brand to other horizons, as it did in its day with Minecraft: Story Mode and Minecraft: Dungeons. We will see what the Swedish company surprises with now.

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