The best Ninja Turtles video game according to VidaExtra readers is…

In the past week, on our Discord serverwe ask you the following question within our usual weekly discussion:

What is the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game and why?

Today it is time to review the answers that you have been sending us to bring us here some of them, such as that of our reader bellorinrobertwhich told us the following:

“For me the best was the first arcade game that had a very fun NES version, you lived the experience similar to arcades from your home. It’s my point of view. Sure, more and better ones came out, but this was the first.”

It usually happens: certain games from our childhood or adolescence come to mark us in a way that, whether they are better or worse, they keep a good position on our particular mental podium.

We continue with the message he sent us nebur8362:

“Well, it’s funny, but it turns out that the first time I played one of the Ninja Turtles was in my mother’s Amstrad, hahaha. Yes, the one with the cassette games. She dusted off the pot and played a few games for us, so she could see how he played in his time. I remember that I spent the time, literally, because between playing and how long it took to load… Then I’ve hardly played later, but I remember that time perfectly”.

Do you see it? Many games have come out of the Ninja Turtles since the late 80s, but that tendency to remember the first one we played decades ago as the best is still there.

JAER-27For his part, he told us this:

“My favorite turtle game and one of the best beat ’em ups is TMNT: Turtles in Time for the SNES. To this day it is still as addictive as in its golden age. The OST of scandal, those touches of comedy and of course the gameplay of up to four to laugh with friends. I still wonder how Konami doesn’t revive (in a good way) these kinds of IPs.”

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We will end the review of the responses received with that of Demux11That says so:

“I had an NES game called TMNT Tournament Fighters, which was a fight game, and I spent a lot of time playing the tournament mode or accompanied. That has always been my favorite, although I have tried better games from the franchise.

Now, as always, you have the comments section at your entire disposal to share with everyone which is the best video game of the Ninja Turtles according to your opinion and experience.

Thanks for participating.

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