The best indie games of 2022

Not the entire market is reduced to the AAA on duty. The video game industry has consistently shown us that not having the highest production values ​​makes sparkle the imagination.

For this reason, here we have compiled the best selection of indie titles that we will have throughout this 2022. Take note because there are many games that look too good.

The best indie games now available

Nobody Saves the World

The new thing from the creators of Guacamelee! is absolutely good. This is an action RPG in which we will have to use forms, creatures and beings of all kinds, combining powers in impossible ways.

Windjammers 2

Total and absolute retro flavor. The games of Windjammers 2 They are the ones that leave you with a feeling of revenge and wanting to crush the rival. Remember that there are no balls here, but pucks.

The Waylanders

Celtic mythology inspires this work that collects the greatest legends of Galicia and Ireland. A fantasy RPG that has already come out of the Early Access format and that allows us to live an adventure full of magic.

The best games of 2022 for PC

OlliOlli World

Far from a realistic section, here it is committed to a total comic style. Personality through a tube, OlliOlli World is the daily recipe to satisfy that desire to take the skate and do a few tricks. In addition, we avoid breaking any bones.


You better learn to deliver slaps from the good ones, because you’re going to take a few. beat each level splitting heads at the same time that you age with each death. Mind you, you will get stronger with age.


In the purest style of Castlevania classics, here we have a work that pays homage to retro adventures. We embody a great knight who must free his kingdom from dark magic. Of course, every corner of the stage hides secrets.


Former Atlus developers have come together to do what they do best: create an adventure where high school teens must save the day. The formula of Person is repeated with its classic turn-based combat.

Martha Is Dead

Macabre like few others, LKA’s work has ended up being censored in its physical release for PlayStation. A story that takes us to the Italy of the Second World War, being the most desirable context to discover if an ancient curse is real.

Far: Changing Tides

Sequel to the fabulous FAR: Lone Sails, here the formula is repeated. We will have to navigate a turbulent sea at the same time that we get resources to improve the ship in which we sail.

Aztech: Forgotten Gods

A crazy mix that is put ahead of us. We will control Achtli, who must complete a mission to become a hero in a world that mixes cyberpunk technology with old architecture.

Young Souls

Lateral scroll in beat’em up format for a title that will take us through dozens of dungeons. We will be able to face the combats in different ways, since its role-playing component will make us vary the ways of playing.


An adventure that remains etched in the retina without remedy. Beautiful like few others, Tunic lets us loose in a mysterious world, paying homage to the The Legend of Zelda more classics. Decipher its instruction manual to be able to advance.

Anno: Mutationem

If you need more dose of world cyberpunk, you can bet on this exquisite RPG. Pixelated 3D graphics mix with 3D settings to give shape to an action-adventure work as dark as it is strange.

A Memoir Blue

Miriam will travel to her own past to investigate the complicated relationship she had with her mother. A turbulent childhood lingers in the mind of a champion swimmer.

Weird West

The Wild West like you’ve never imagined before. Here the outlaws and the agents of the law share a border with fantastic creatures. Our task will be to forge our own legend based on bullets and making risky decisions.


The year is 1986, and Meredith Weiss decides to take a break in the Providence Oaks neighborhood, next to a beautiful lake. To entertain herself, she decides to deliver the mail to all the inhabitants, which will give him a new perspective on her life.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

We still haven’t recovered from the experience that was The Stanley Parable. A work of which it is better to recommend without saying anything, having already spent nine years. Now comes an improved version of a totally atypical title.

Rogue Legacy 2

The grace of this roguelite is that we don’t have a predetermined set when we start advancing through the levels. Every time we die, a son of ours will take over, being able to go from a fearless knight to a pacifist chef.

The most anticipated indie games of 2022

Trek to Yomi

Hiroki lives with the shame of having let his teacher down. After his death, he must recover his honor by defending his town from any threat. a stupendous tribute to the cinema of Akira Kurosawa.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Here we will not only fight the typical combats of an RPG, but we will also have to know how to build and manage cities. If you are a fan of Eiyuden Chronicleyou are facing a mandatory stop in this prequel before the war.

Salt and Sacrifice

You are the marked inquisitor and it is your duty to annihilate all the magicians who get in your way during the journey across the border. To face them, you will have to make use of weapons and armor built with the remains of your enemies.

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Kao the Kangaroo

If you are a fan of Crash Bandicoot or Spyro, you can not miss this return. Kao, the mythical kangaroo, returns from the 90s to offer us a multitude of platform stages.

Starship Troopers – Terran Command

An essential for lovers of RTS and more if you hate insects. The Martian of Starship Troopers receives an adaptation that promises to meet the expectations of the franchise.


Get together with your group of friends to fight in this third person shooter that combines elements of close combat. A lobby, plenty of rewards and a soundtrack to match.


A not very exact history lesson. The French Revolution wasn’t full of killer robots, spiced up with Dark Souls schemes, but we’re not going to complain either.

Hello Neighbor 2

Terror and stealth is not the best couple for our hearts. The sequel to the game that was a hit a few years ago has learned from us and now the neighbor will learn our patterns to know what our next step will be.

STA.LKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl

The war between Ukraine and Russia calls into question the launch of the radioactive apocalypse. You can already imagine what awaits you: beings from the underworld, settlement everywhere and a world that will be inflexible with us.

The most anticipated of 2022 without date

arc raiders

Free, cooperative and with a lot of action. The idea is that we get together with a group of friends to resist ARC surgesan ancient mechanized threat from space.

Atomic Heart

This kind of alternative futures are the ones we like. The Soviet Union suffers an accident at Base Nº3826 and our duty as P-3, special agent of the KGB, is to investigate what has happened in the facilities.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

In the absence of Jet Set Radio, well it is its spiritual successor. The Dreamcast classic is reborn with everything that made it unforgettable: unmistakable art, an outrageous soundtrack, and irresistible parkour.

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Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

Indeed, you are first and foremost a coffee making simulator. Become a bartender, listen to your customers’ conversations, dole out tips and hit the right drink.

Forever Skies

An ecological disaster has devastated the Earth and we will have to survive under extreme conditions. To help us will be our aircraft, which we will have to expand and repair if necessary. All this in order to find a cure for a terrifying disease.

Goodbye Volcano High

Anthropomorphic beings of all kinds and conditions come together in this narrative title that bets everything on cinematics. live the last year of high school for a group of friends that will have to separate after a life together.

Little Devil Inside

Particular and strange, we are still not clear about what exactly it is about Little Devil Inside. We do know that there will be strange monsters to hunt, but the presentation of its world is so unusual that it leaves us with all the intrigue.


It doesn’t look bad but this action roguelite isn’t bad. Unlike his genre mates, a more realistic aesthetic is sought here in a cyberpunk dystopia. The platforms will be very present during the game.

Loot River

Procedural system like No Man’s Sky, but in this case not to create an entire universe. In Loot River, impossible mazes will be generated with pieces that we can move in different ways to advance.

Neon White

Anything under the Annapurna Interactive label deserves our attention. This time we will embody White, a killer from hell who must compete to live in heaven. To do this, we will use cards that grant powers while we do not stop moving through celestial settings.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

Strange things do not stop happening around Riley, protagonist of the first Oxenfree. Five years after the events of the first game, events of a mysterious nature begin to take place in Camena, his hometown.

Return to Monkey Island

Yes, it is completely true. Sure enough, Ron Gilbert is on board with the project. That’s how it is, Return to Monkey Island is a reality. We will continue the wacky adventures of Guybrush Threepwood from the end of the second installment.

River City Girls 2

Wayforward’s beat’em up was so good that we couldn’t resist continuing to bang left and right. Shortly after the events of the first game we will have to control Misako and Kyoko, Kunio, Riki and newcomers Marian and Provie.

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Serial Cleaners

We are always messing around with smacks and punches, destroying everything around us, but nobody thinks about the person who should fix such a mess. This will be our task as mafia members during the 90’s.


You are a cat. A cat in a cyberpunk world where there are nothing but robots and you can sneak into practically any corner of the city. Enough to put it on the list.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

That’s right, the legendary Ninja Turtles they’re back and we can’t do anything but celebrate. Dotemu is behind a project in which he will have to do what he always does: liquidate Shredder.

The Invincible

Adaptation of the science fiction novel by Stanislaw Lem, the planet Regis III awaits us. Although digital technology does not exist in the universe of The Invinciblehumanity has managed to conquer the stars.

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