Pokémon GO will introduce much-demanded changes to Mega Evolutions to make them more interesting

Mega Evolution is one of the biggest features that was introduced to Pokémon GO a couple of years ago by being able to make certain Pokémon Mega Evolve and temporarily become stronger. However, users did not find this system very rewarding as it requires the use of Mega Energy to make use of it.

After listening to suggestions from the community, Niantic has come to the conclusion that it was about time to introduce a really important change in this system to make it more fun than ever. For this reason, an update will be enabled soon with a series of modifications that were highly demanded.

For a start, difficulty of Mega Raids will be adjusted so that it will not be necessary for so many players to gather at the same time to win. Until now these fights were too complicated and this is supposed to serve as a better balance between challenge and fun.

Another novelty will be the Megalevels, with which special bonuses will be granted the more Pokémon Mega Evolve. As they level up in this aspect, Mega Evolved Pokémon will have bonuses such as an increased chance to receive more Candy++ when catching a Pokémon that is the same type as the Mega Evolved Pokémon.

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Also, with this update only need to use Mega energy once to activate Mega Evolution. The rest of the time it will be enough to let the Pokémon rest before it can Mega Evolve again at no cost, although this process can be accelerated in exchange for spending Mega Energy.

On the other hand, to make everything faster, Pokémon can be Mega Evolved from the Raid and Battle setup screen and not just from the information screen. Now it only remains to know when these news will be ready worldwide, since for the moment they have only been enabled in Australia and New Zealand.

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