the best decks for the Augmentation Tournament

The opportunity to get hold of a generous collection of Clash Royale chests and prizes falls back into our hands with the arrival of the Boost Tournament and the opportunity to rank among the best.

Following you will find Tournament Augment decks who are asking for it the most deckshop so you know not only what cards to use but also what strategy to follow to win without problems.

The best decks for Clash Royale Augmentation Tournament

The classic of the Trunk the Princess and the bait of the barrel still as alive as ever. Crazy that it has already become one of the most played decks, but logical considering how much it will help us air games almost effortlessly.

You know how things are going. A lot of reading of the opponent during the first bars to see what he can stop our Princess and the Barrel with, and from there to focus on defending to drop the Goblins in his tower when he has nothing to stop them with. Little by little and victory is yours.


Time for one of my favorite combinations. Attack with everything and without quarter from the hand of troops with a considerable amount of health and the possibility of making the opponent dizzy. barbarians overdose for a deck that relies on brute force.

With an average of 3.5 elixir, the idea is to focus on overwhelming the opponent by playing with baits like Royal Ghost or Barbarian Barrel, which will serve us both defensively and offensively. From there, Elite Barbarians as the main win condition next to Battle Ram so there is always a danger on the table.


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We close with another classic deck from the last few weeks that seems determined to stay in the meta until clash royale come to an end. An alternate version of the mythical Lavaloon that features the Skeleton King to support attack and defense.

Hand in hand with our aerial clothes, we will support the always valuable combination of Lava Hound and Miner to sneak up to the rival’s tower and slowly and patiently chip away at its life. Don’t go crazy, be cool, and let the skeletons do their thing almost without making a sound.


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