Minecraft is updated to version 1.18.30 with important improvements


The update fixes so many bugs that it’s impossible to list them all.

If there is any game with infinite updates, that’s minecraft. The title, originally from Mojang and later from Microsoft, never stop receiving new content in the form of updates. Fans are still waiting for these changes that give more depth and realism to the world, such as the premise of changing the Minecraft beaches and turning them into something with more interaction and references to real beaches. Now, Microsoft has implemented a new update Although it may not seem like much at first glance, it comes with a lot of user enhancements.

Quality of life improvements, some “The Wild” update changes and 64-bit seeds are the most notable changes

This new version 1.18.30, for the bedrock version of Minecraft, has already been implemented in games on all platforms. It is worth mentioning that the complete changes of the patch are very extensive, with hundreds of changes to different sections, including bug fixes, behavior changes in villagers and mobs, combat improvements and much more. In this news we are only going to deal with the most significant changesif you want to know everything we recommend you read the official patch notes.

For a start the tool for creating worlds has been updated. We will find better navigation, more descriptions and a new look. Keep in mind that this aspect will be implemented little by little on the different platforms, so if you still don’t have it, you have to wait. Also, as mentioned above, world seeds will now be generated in 64-bit, which has several advantages such as be able to share them between the bedrock version and the Java version.

The most interesting changes are found in the experimental changes. For those players who can’t wait for the full update to “The Wild” you can already try some of the functions and features that will come with this update. However, be careful using these changes because they can _crash _or damage our worlds due to their early stage of development. We can find the new biome “Deep Dark”, only for the bravest, with the ancient cities in them. Of course, we can also meet the new mob, The Warden, a force of nature without eyes that will kill us if we are not careful.

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Less and less is missing for the long-awaited update of “The Wild”. Although this is not the only project that Microsoft is currently carrying out with Minecraft. The famous sandbox movie is getting closer and more is being known, such as the possibility that Jason Momoa could be part of its cast.

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