Marvel’s Version of Batman Joins The Avengers


Although it was a difficult decision for Nighthawk, he was driven by the mission he has in common with the members of the Avengers: destroy Mephisto.

Since the beginning of Marvel, fans had speculated what the version of Batman would be like. And this has been true for a few decades, when the franchise presented in Avengers a character that seems to have been inspired by the hero of Gotham: Nighthawk.

Who is this version of Batman?

First, Nighthawk is a kind of counterpart to the dark knight, with the advantage that he became one of the most powerful heroes on earth.. This character was first introduced in The Avengers #69 (written by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema) in 1969. As we mentioned earlier, Nighthawk is considered to be a version of Batman in the Marvel Universe, but apparently Nighthawk had a more violent nature and his alter ego was Kyle RichMond.a congressman from Washington DC (and, of course, the heir to a large fortune, after his mother died in an accident and his father simply sent him to boarding school. But the latter dying in a plane crash, Richmond had to take charge of the family business).


The main difference with Batman is that he only has the possibility to fight at night, since Nighthawk consumes an alchemy serum to gain incredible powers such as agility, strength, and stamina to seamlessly combat his rivals.. It even has its own cave, called the Nightcave. In this kind of lair, the hero is dedicated to keeping trophies, a huge technological equipment and the cars that he will use for his missions.

This character belongs to the Squadron Supreme, with Power Princess, Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion, Whizzer, Amphibian, and Skrullian Skymaster as members. In fact, issue 5 of “Heroes Reborn” had practically turned the team into a fundamental pillar for the plot, and, therefore, the Avengers had not been considered to be part of it, but when it ended, the latter had all the attention with the conflict against the X-Men. So how did Nighthawk happen to meet up with the Avengers?

Nighthawk will return to join the Avengers

Inside Avengers #55 (by writers Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón, artist David Curiel, and VC artist Cory Petit), at the end of the issue things changed completely when the recent leadership council of the Avengers.The Avengers, during one of their meetings at the North Pole base of operations, decided that Nighthawk would have to join the team to resolve a huge conflict against the Eternals and the X-Men.. In this way, after a discussion and respective vote, it came unanimously, since each of the members: Captain Marvel, Thor, Blade, Phoenix, Starbrand, Namor, Valkrie, Captain America and Iron Man were in favor of join the team.

Initially it was not a decision that Nighthawk was totally happy with, however, after an apparent indifference he replied that “he would like to get to work”. And, indeed, it was what they proceeded to as soon as the heroes adjourned the session, because they received a rather alarming call: the Serpent Society managed to escape from police control and is sowing terror by damaging the Brooklyn Bridge.



But this is not all, in the first scenes of the number, Black Panther takes it upon himself to convince Nighthawk to forget his commissions as a vigilante and focus on stopping Mephisto. (The supervillain of superhuman intelligence and attributes who, when it comes to giving the Avengers headaches, is top of the list.) And, shortly after, when the Avengers and Nighthawk cross paths again after the latter wiped out an army of the Serpent Society, despite reaffirming that they could make a great team, Richmond remains certainly reluctant to this decision. But after the tension of the disagreement, Mephisto appears in conjunction with an innumerable swarm of his multiversal counterparts to end peace on earth. Only there, Nighthawk realizes that it is necessary to belong to a team of heroes like Avengers to achieve his goals.

On the other hand, the next issue of Avengers, #56, will be published in May and will prioritize Asgardian heroes. Its official synopsis is as follows: “JANE FOSTER IS THE POINT OF LIGHT! In her day she was famous for wielding Mjolnir as Thor, the goddess of thunder. Today, she protects the worlds of the living and the dead as the Winged Valkyrie. Now these two versions of the same mighty hero come face to face, in a desperate attempt to save Jane Foster’s soul.”

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