it will be time to revisit the zombie hordes of The City

The success of Dying Light 2: Stay Human is total. Techland he took out his chest last week with his brutal sales during the first month of life of the zombie work. Nor is the first Dying Light far behind, which has exceeded the 20 million units sold.

The Polish study had promised news for this week news and so it will be. The 1.3.0 update will land on April 27 with juicy content, among which the New Game + mode stands out. You already know how this works, it will be necessary to have beaten the main campaign to visit The City again, although this time with all the gadgets obtained in the first game.

The games with the most zombies per square meter, from least to most undead

Of course, it will not be easy to go back Dying Light 2, since the power of the enemies will be scaled. To make things simpler, we can get hold of 30 new inhibitors, which will allow us to increase strength and endurance. In addition, we can find on the map the encounters with golden marks that present really complicated challenges.

If we overcome them, we will receive weapons of Legendary rarity, along with other rewards and if we want to squeeze the city even more, now the parkour challenges have a platinum category. Finally, the cooperative mode will also be patched with the new update. There will be an end to the death loops and for console players, good news. You can change the FOV to your liking.

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