will allow to create schools of magic

At Two Point Campus, hospitals will be left aside to build our own university from scratch where we will be able to teach the most varied classes, with subjects as peculiar as Chivalry, Archeology or Gastronomy, in which we will cook dishes of enormous sizes.

Not everything will remain only in these two, so to the list of subjects will be added Sorcerywith which the students who come to our campus will learn to become real magicians. This way, there will be no need to travel to Hogwarts, Harry Potter’s school of magic, to learn how to cast spells.

Playing Two Point Hospital with a controller on Xbox Game Pass has reminded me how much I enjoyed Theme Hospital on PlayStation

All of this will be accompanied by the great sense of humor that this saga boasts, with cauldrons, magic wands, summoning rituals and crystal balls that will help predict the future. Students can even fight each other in magic duels or transform their classmates into other things, such as pumpkins.

The bad thing is that for all this we will have to wait a few months, because we remember that the launch of Two Point Campus was delayed until August 9, so it will be in the summer when the universities of this game will open their doors on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC on Steam and also on Xbox Game Pass.

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