so you can play cooperatively an entire game in the Middle Lands with a mod

One of the best help we can get in Elden Ring appears when we summon another player. Forever it’s good to have one or two allies in battlelike the already legendary Let Me Solo Her, which we can claim in any situation thanks to a mod.

But what if we could play through all of the Midlands with the same partner? This is the purpose of the mod that LukeYui is developing, which seeks to allow us to embark on an adventure with friends and a maximum of four players. This is what the mod looks like right now.

What is the difference between UX and UI, and why Elden Ring leaves much to be desired in both

The main difference from the traditional multiplayer mode of Elden Ring is that the death of one of the players does not mean the return to the world of origin. One of the most interesting modifications is that the power of the enemies is scaled taking into account the number of users.

For the fast travel system, a voting format has been implemented to agree to go to a specific location. If we mark an area of ​​the map that we are interested in going to, the mark will also be reflected in the game of the rest of our teammates.

During boss fights, all players who die will remain in spectator mode until the enemy is annihilated turn or the rest of the users die. Additionally, status effects have been added as a penalty for players who die.

When will this mod be playable? The truth is that LukeYui is still working on stabilizing the entire project, beyond adding certain features. Obviously, in order to play Elden Ring in this way it will be necessary to connect to an independent server, which is also being supervised by LukeYui.

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