Dragon Ball reveals Bardock’s relationship with the Dragon Balls


Bardock left Goku the greatest gift: prosperity.

When we think of Dragon Ball it is difficult not to imagine Bardock as a complicated being, who has gone through various facets and who, apparently, is not as cruel as the fans had believed, on the contrary, Goku could have inherited some of his greatest virtues, including indulgence. However, it has been difficult to build his personality from a few clues that the series has given us throughout the arcs, but now it is clear to us that Bardock was a hero. And he is in the spotlight again thanks to what has recently happened in Dragon Ball Super.

To enter into context, the new arc of Granola the survivor of Dragon Ball Super, which began in December 2020, with chapter 67, has been one of the ones that has brought the most changes, but the last chapter has shown that things they can continue to transform for everyone. Definitely, this is chapter 83 of the manga, where finally the audience can see the complete scenes of the epic confrontation between Bardock and Gas (the hitman of the Heata Army, current Supreme Warrior of Universe 7 and, it must be said, one of the most dangerous enemies of the entire saga) that happened a few decades ago. Curiously, he is the same one who is now fighting Goku against the villain, hence the importance that this retrospective acquired. After listening to a recording through Bardock’s meter, kept by the Namekian Monite, about his father’s battle, Goku discovers that Bardock had a secret connection to the Dragon Balls.. This comes as a surprise to the audience, especially since it reveals that this took place a long time before goku came to earth.

What is Bardock’s relationship with the Dragon Balls?

Although it has taken more than one by surprise, this has an explanation. In chapter 83, entitled “Bardock vs. Gas, part 2”, as his name says, is the sequel to the fight between the two. In it, the Saiyan imposed an impressive resistance, however, the Gas powers turn out to have quite a great power and in the future Goku will have to find an answer to defeat his enemy.


During these moments of tension, Monite, the only survivor of the Cereal Planet, decides to help Bardock, using the Dragon Balls to summon Trombo and make a wish: to return the Saiyan to his planet. However, as soon as the dragon appears on the scene, he has to ask Bardock’s opinion, to check that he agrees to his request. And Bardock responds negatively, since his warrior spirit does not allow him to flee from a combat of this caliber, much less abandon his protégés (in this case, Granola and Monite).

After his resounding no, Monite asks him what he really wants through a telepathic conversation, with the aim of convincing him to run away. Despite the confusion of the moment, Bardock maintains his posture, but the only request he makes to the dragon is directed towards his family: “I wish that my children end up prospering”, thinking that in this way he would always see for the well-being of his family. Ultimately, Monite grants the wish, and Bardock ends the close fight, so he arguably won, albeit on his own terms.


This could be the answer that, perhaps, Goku was looking for to defeat his rival in the present. And with this fact, Dragon Ball has been responsible for forming a stronger link between Goku, his father, the dragon balls and the decisions that surround him. Of course this means that the path that the saiyan has taken has strong ties to his father’s wish forty years ago, since since he arrived on earth he was destined to become a hero. Somehow, Bardock was leading him away, and to tell you the truth, it’s quite an emotional moment. Thanks to the fact that Bardock did not use the wish for himself, he left a great mystical and virtue inheritance to his descendants, therefore, it could mean that Goku’s destiny on earth is determined.

Perhaps in the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super we will know more about what Bardock’s kind wish implied.

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