Deadpool has a new power thanks to his union with the Fantastic 4


Deadpool could become one of the strongest villains… if he used more weapons.

One of Marvel Comics’ most iconic antiheroes is Deadpool.. We know many things about this character, such as the fact that he has his face covered to hide his scars and we easily recognize him by his characteristic red and black suit. But he’s not the only thing he’s known for in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What happens with him, in the same way as with Wolverine, is that he was subjected to a program by the Canadian government, to experiment on him. Hence, Deadpool has been disfigured and with an unstable character.

One of his specialties, and the most prominent, or known to his fans, is his healing factor. But he has other abilities that enhance his power, such as the ability to teleport, telepathic immunity, superhuman reflexes, and great stamina, agility, and strength. This set of characteristics has not been a mere coincidence, since the union with the Fantastic Four gave him part of her potential and, what is more, it combines quite well with her personality. We could see this before in a comic, when he accompanies Sue Storm and thanks to her he can pretend for a while that he has acquired a new ability, powerful enough to finish off her enemies.


Deadpool knows how to use his powers quite well.

In regards to these powers, in Deadpool Infinity Comic #2 (in which Gerry Duggan, Lucas Werneck, Geoffo, Rachelle Rosenberg and Joe Sabino participate, as part of the creative team) there is a very interesting topic. After dedicating himself to looking for the hard drive that contains the secrets of technology created by Tony Stark and Reed Richards, the villain is in charge of guiding Sue Storm to the Bar with No Name in order to find information that will be useful to him. Although they did not count on the Invisible Woman making use of her abilities so as not to be discovered among all the villains who gather to elaborate her evil plans, this fact it allowed Deadpool to power up finger guns in unexpected ways. How was this possible? By combining his psychokinesis with Deadpool’s personality and his particular way of expressing himself, the anti-hero points his fingers at the villains he intends to annihilate and really seems to hit them with a kind of explosion.. Repeat this strategy a few times before the act is finally revealed, much to everyone’s surprise.


In this way, it was found that the mercenary knew how to use his powers when necessary, quite contrary to what has happened with the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four.

Thanks to this apparently simple scene, he managed to make his enemies think and scare. They wondered then if Deadpool had weapons in his hands, how far could he go?. They even consider a possible scenario of what would be the weapons that would be most convenient for him to use for his purposes, considering that he has a great availability of weapons that he could adapt (from all kinds of pistols to complex katanas). And if we add the ability that he has shown as a sniper, there are many factors that make him a true enemy to fear. It is possible that he himself is aware of the level he can aspire to if he involves the weapons, his techniques and a few adjustments on himself.

This mentally unstable and violent mercenary could turn out to be much more dangerous than initially assumed, but the effectiveness of his strategies could be improved in view of what he achieved with this small demonstration in the Bar, in addition to the fact that linking up with Sue Storm would imply an alliance that promises enough power to catch up with other Marvel heroes. And, in this sense, it would be interesting for the audience to see how the matchups would play out after teaming up and honing the skill set they already possess.


Deadpool, an anti-hero with skills… to make fun of his rivals.

Of course, one of the antihero’s talents is his expertise in martial arts, as well as being an incredible sniper (something that has already been shown in encounters with his rivals), as previously mentioned. Although this is not surprising since the healing factor was extracted from Wolverine, although soon within a special transformation, he managed to overcome it. However, everything we have described about the mercenary is not what has mainly distinguished him as a character. The unique twist to his scenes is that as he takes down his enemies with ease, he tends to make comments that get him into more trouble than he solves. While it is true that he has a twisted mind and an unbreakable character, his language is scathing when it comes to mocking his enemies or hurting them with words. Thanks to that kind of quality, he has won over the audience, who admire his cunning in speaking, even more than most heroes or villains who have more serious overtones in the Marvel narrative. In that case, it might be to your advantage to hide his true intentions.

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