all bonuses and discounts until April 27, 2022

The city of Los Santos from GTA Online doesn’t take any breaks. Businesses, races or robberies are just some of the activities that can be carried out, but there are also promotions and discounts that it is better not to ignore, which is why in the following guide we are going to tell you everything you will find until April 27.

All bonuses and discounts until April 27, 2022

Podium Vehicle

Gta Online Vehicle Podium

The Diamond Casino & Resort casino will open its doors for you to participate in the Wheel of Fortune. If luck is on your side you can take clothes, money, food and even the podium vehicle, which is none other than the Benefactor Schlagen GTa German convertible sports car.

Items to get for free

Gta Online Cap

This week you will have the opportunity to get a good handful of free items. Specifically, three accessories to modify the appearance of your characters and also a new vehicle, as we tell you in the following guides:

Exclusive PS5 and Xbox Series Bonuses

Gta Online Vehicle Test

Only those with the new generation versions on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S they will be the only ones who will have access to the following exclusive bonuses:

  • time trial: In this mode you can test any of Hao’s Special Works upgraded vehicles from the terminal in the port of Los Santos to the natural park of Mount Chiliad.
  • premium test vehicle: At Hao’s Special Works at the LS Car Meet you can see what the custom Pfister Astro is capable of so you can drive it all you want on the test track.

Additional rewards and bonuses

Gta Online Cross Line

Certain activities and game modes will take on greater prominence during these days, allowing you to take more money and reputation points than normal.

  • Night clubs: Promotion missions will offer twice the normal fame, but it will not be the only thing, since you will also receive a 50% bonus on daily income. In addition, the speed of merchandise production will be doubled.
  • Cross the line: In this mode, gangs will face each other with the objective that all the members of the group cross their area and manage to get into that of the opponents. No matter what happens, everyone will earn quadruple dollars and reputation points.
  • Biker Club Sell Missions: These types of missions will allow you to earn a lot of money, because the simple fact of successfully completing any of them will earn you 50% more dollars and reputation points.


Gta Online Ennus Stafford

Enus Stafford

The owners of a nightclub will be able to improve the security of the entrance without leaving a pasture, because during these days this aspect can be perfected thanks to a 40% discount. Along with this, biker clubs will be 30% cheaper and at discount list The following vehicles are added:



Original price

discount price

Enus Stafford

Lampadati Tropos Rallye

Benefactor Turret Limousine

Mammoth Limousine Patriot

Custom MTL Pounder

Ubermacht SC1

Vapid Flash GT






















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Bonuses with Prime Gaming

The ones who will surely not leave empty-handed are those subscribers to Prime Gamingbecause just for playing at any time of the week they will receive 100,000 dollars, although for this it is necessary to link the account with the Rockstar Games Social Club.

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