Super Smash Bros fans reimagine the original game this way


Donkey Kong’s new format gives it a pretty creative look.

There are few more iconic fights between characters that we have all seen at least once, such as Mario, Pikachu, Kirby, Yoshi or Link like those of Super Smash Bros. That is why this first installment of the saga, released for Nintendo 64, is It will position itself as one of the best known fighting games in the world. Since its debut in 1999, the franchise has been in charge of improving the fighting modes, in addition to integrating fairly simple controls for multiplayer. But this would not limit the fun in the game, on the contrary, the fight would have a difficulty within the reach of many more players, even the most inexperienced.

After decades of the release of one of the most successful fighting games, Ultimate, the latest title in the Super Smash Bros. saga, should be given its due. But some of its players suspected that there would not be much more to see. of his favorite video game, since they contrasted a career that could have ended after constant changes after its first installment.

Of course, the history of the game had to evolve as it presented titles, in addition to the respective updates, but some of its fans remember the first years of this video game with great nostalgia. This prompted two players to bring Fighting Ranges, a fun mode only available on the Nintendo 64, to Ultimate..


A recreation of Smash 64

Among the good news for fans of the saga, recently two players, Sean Hicks and Andrew Coleman, recalled the beginnings of Smash, since they showed in their twitter account this interesting game mode that had already been forgotten after so many deliveries. And the way they paid tribute to their favorite game was impressive. Both of them they recreated Donkey Kong in the form of polygons, however, they gave him his respective update, since the character model is more attached with the graphics that would be used for him in Super Smash Ultimate. While the Donkey Kong figure looks pretty cool with a crystal violet polygonal touch, this presentation wasn’t enough for Coleman’s creativity, as it too added a model of this character for Super Smash 64, albeit with less detail, so that it could be properly adapted to the quality that Ultimate promises.

For its part, Sean Hicks was in charge of giving a touch up to the scenario that would correspond to him, “Meta Crystal” from Smash 64, precisely to add the final details that would leave a great style. In fact, it is a scenario that we could only see in the classic mode of the original game.

This is what the creation of both fans looks like:

Donkey Kong if Smash Ultimate had Fighting Polygons. Meta Crystal stage provided by @SeanHicksART!

— Andrew Coleman (@ColossalCake) April 18, 2022

Unsurprisingly, the comments towards his amazing work from multiple users poured in. On the one hand, animations made players miss one of the most iconic modes in the saga and, on the other, they recognized that this pair of fans practically made a work of art.

Without a doubt, these recreations are also part of the legacy of Super Smash Bros. The simplicity of the fighting polygons were the starting point for the skills of these players, however, the reuse of the base models of the fighters that were found in Smash 64 they had their own personal charm and style from the creators, plus they seamlessly transformed the elements that set the game apart for so many years into what we’d likely see in Ultimate. Therefore, it was a memorable moment among users who were able to remember one of the first installments of Super Smash Bros.

What are Fighting Ranges?

In case you are not aware of the history of Super Smash Bros and you have never played in the Fighting Polygons (or the team of fighting polygons, predecessor of the 3D fighting models) in this mode you have to reach the goal avoiding the adversary and therefore slow down. However, they cannot KO the player since it is totally closed. The funny thing is that the difficulty rarely increases in view of the fact that the enemies have little power, in addition to not making strategic decisions; instead, they use a throwable item as soon as they pick it up and even on the highest difficulty, they also fail to increase the strength considerably. In fact, the fighting ranges were only available for the Nintendo 64, once it was later replaced by Multiman Melee in the next game on the floor, only now with metal frame fighters instead of the living ranges that players had previously seen. seen.

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