Iron Man becomes Doctor Strange and the result is incredible


One reality has Tony Stark become the Sorcerer Supreme.

throughout the multiverse of Marvelregardless of the era or time where history is recreated, Tony Stark he is presented as a technological genius. Hombre de Hierro He always finds a way to protect himself and others with his armor and gadgets, muffling and holding off threats like true heroes would. But there are some worlds where he doesn’t just use his technology to be a hero.

One reality has Tony Stark turned Sorcerer Supreme

In two different realities in the multiverse of Marvel, Tony Stark it is shown as something totally different from what readers are used to. In a reality where he is not the classic genius, he becomes the Sorcerer Supreme of his world instead of the Doctor Strangefinding a surprising amount of inner peace in the process.

Iron Man becomes Doctor Strange and the result is incredible

Tony he was apparently destined to take on the role of Doctor Strange. a story about What If…? shows a Tony Stark assuming the role of Sorcerer Supreme within your reality. This resulted in Starks meet and train with him Old manbecoming a master of the mystic arts as he found ways to fuse his armors with the supernatural world to amplify his abilities. stranger stayed next to Starks as its equivalent of wong until his own anger led him to briefly betray Starks with Dormammu. stranger he eventually worked alongside Clea to help foil the plans of Dormammu.

After 126 years, Tony Stark keep being him Sorcerer Supreme almost a century after the present and has been dedicated to resolving conflicts without using any type of violence. When preparing magic weapons and tools, he can even simply force Morgan Le Fay to retreat instead of putting yourself in danger fighting against the different threats that try to unleash chaos in the world. The replacement that was Tony Stark rather Doctor Strange within the Marvel Universe, he was able to help impart real and genuine change to his world, helping save countless lives and pushing the future for the better.

Iron Man becomes Doctor Strange and the result is incredible

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