a story of darkness, light and personal evolution

It’s been a week since I bought a month of Game Pass to play Minecraft again. Although my return is motivated by my recent arrival in Extra LifeI admit that there were few times as good as this to return.

It had been years (and not a few) since the last time I played Minecraft. I had just dropped out of Philosophy after finishing my second year. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so I did the only thing I could think of: play video games day and night while raiding the coffers of my savings. One of the video games that stole the most health and time from me was Minecraft.


I remember gaming sessions of over 24 hours both in company and alone. I took the opportunity to eat while we organized the inventory at home and I usually fell asleep in front of the screen. I never discovered the most exciting secrets of the video game, because my vision of Minecraft has always been focused on construction and the creativity.

It was one of those dark times that we all have at some point. I managed to break the circle. Video games saved me from totally losing my way, but they also robbed me of many unrecoverable moments. Minecraft He is one of the main people responsible and precisely for all this my return has been so emotional.

Nether Update Trailer for Minecraft

Departure and return, story of a creative soul

Returning to Minecraft was just what I needed after a 150-hour first playthrough of Elden Ring. The first world I created has the standard settings, no tricks and with one friendly difficulty.

There I am, hitting my first blows to the trees to get wood while listening to my own music playlist. sorry to say that I never liked Minecraft music and I have always preferred to have my own music, a series/movie or a live show on Twitch in the background.


Taste aside, I continue to do the basic steps that any veteran player has standardized in his mind: pickaxe, axe, torch… and before nightfall I have a hole dug in the ground to spend the night. If I’ve learned anything from survival games like 7 Days to Die is that the best shelter is the one underground.

The days go by: I explore, I accumulate materials like the “little farmer ant” that I am… and my burdens. What do I do now? Where am I going? What goal do I have? I try to assuage my doubts with an item creation guide and asking a friend for advice. I didn’t placate too much, so I decide to keep stockpiling materials until something comes to mind.

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I see the light with a direct that I have in the background while I play. the content creator @oskar1up It reminds me of an article I wrote a long time ago about video games like Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, Red Dead Online, Elite Dangerous and others. Focuses on the adventurous spirit, freedom and all the emotions that involve playing in such vast worlds.

“I want to retire to a farm to raise little animals and plants”

Going back to Minecraft has allowed me to do exactly what I haven’t been able to do in games like No Man’s Sky or Red Dead Online, either due to lack of motivation or options. I have assembled one small viking style farm in which I live in peace. Do you know the messages from other players in Elden Ring that say “I want to go home”? So here I am.


I have plans. I want to “trick” a couple of friends into creating a Ranch between the three of them in a new world, something similar to stardew valley but in Minecraft. I also want to generate a world that simulates the planet Mars and build a colony with greenhousesLike in the movie The Martian. I have seen the wonders that the community does and I want to create something similar. I will be counting my progress in future posts!

My fascination with Minecraft knows no limits, although my mentality has changed: I don’t have the time I would like to dedicate to it and I don’t want to spend as much time on it as I did years ago. She has become a haven of peace I go to when I want to “do something” without pressure with a series/movie or live in the background.

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My experience in Minecraft is described in the same way that I have described my time in Death Stranding, Red Dead Redemption II and No Man’s Sky before: a point that is exactly in the center between the loneliness and the company. A loneliness in which you don’t feel completely alone. The search for company in solitude and the finding of a very beautiful solitude in company. Perform in each activity whatever you do, whether it’s breaking rocks, raising pets, or building the most epic tower ever.

This is my vision of Minecraft, but it is not the only one. The video game has become the stage for great works of its community, events such as Battle Royale / Hunger Games and more recently the Squid Games. It has also become a playful tool. What is the roof of Minecraft? I don’t think it will and never will as long as it keeps our creativity as an ally.

Now it’s your turn, what does Minecraft mean to you?, what do you like to do during your games? I read you in comments!

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