this is the true enemy of Saitama and Garou


It seems that neither Garou nor Saitama were prepared for these words.

During the long-awaited showdown between Garou and Saitama, we see that there is a stronger villain who will truly shake them. If you haven’t read One-Punch Man Chapter 162 yet by Viz Media or other mediawe recommend doing it to avoid spoilers. Well, the latter tells us that Saitama may not be the real obstacle for Garou to achieve his dreams. Instead, he’s a little boy we’ve known for several story arcs named Tareo.

But let’s go in parts. Who is Tareo and why is he so important to Garou’s life in One-Punch Man? In the first appearances of the now called hero hunter in the manga, we saw him together with Tareo, a boy who carries with him a manual containing information about the best heroes and their techniques, their weak and strong points. Garou uses this information to aid him in his quest for heroes, but simply associating with Garou, even without knowing who he is, repeatedly puts Tareo in danger.

one punch man saitama tareo garou

In fact, our hero has made the decision to protect Tareo, even if it puts him in a dangerous situation or at imminent risk for a disadvantage in a fight. Garou even goes so far to help Tareo escape from the Monster Association.putting his own life at risk, as he demonstrated in the epic defeat of Centisennin in which he had to protect the helicopter carrying Tareo out of harm’s way as he fought to survive.

Now their relationship seems to intensify as Garou begins to confront Saitama, he is blown away by Saitama’s first punch, sending him spiraling down to land not far from the little boy’s helicopter evac point. Tareo sees Garou, recognizes him and begins begging him to stop acting like a monster since he is clearly a hero.this request goes against what our “hero-villain” wants, as we have seen in One-Punch Man.

one punch man saitama tareo garou

This young man points out the obvious: monsters don’t save humans, especially those they have no use for.. While Garou may insist that what he hopes to bring about is absolute evil, in which everyone is treated equally badly, his actions do not match his words. When Saitama hears all the things that have happened, he too insists that Garou is not a monster and he doesn’t want to get involved in their fight anymore. As Garou lashes out in anger at that, a glance at Garou’s thoughts shows that Tareo’s words have definitely gotten into his head and never seem to come out.

Garou’s decision in One-Punch Man

One of the things that has made Garou such an interesting character in One-Punch Man is that what he says and does is very different from his goals and reasons for doing it.. Garou feels sorry for the monster and sees it as a victim of an unfair fight, as the heroes often band together to defeat them. This is a clear projection of himself: he has feelings for the monster because Garou’s origins show that when he was younger, he was frequently bullied by groups of children, and the situation reminds him of his own trauma.

one punch man saitama tareo garou

Garou demonstrates his new technique against Platinum Sperm.

Garou really doesn’t want a world of “absolute evil”, no matter what he says; what he really wants is justice, and the easiest way (for him) to enforce that is through his own strength. Tareo has pointed out the incongruity between his thoughts and his actions, and although he says that he hasn’t affected him, the manga states that he has.

As Garou and Saitama fight in the upcoming One-Punch Man chapters, this thought in the back of Garou’s head may be what makes the difference in the outcome of this entire fight.. Saitama has already promised not to kill Garou; anyway, he doesn’t kill humans. However, the hero hunter’s own insistence on fighting against our bald protagonist can give the fight an unexpected turn. We will have to wait to see how this expected confrontation concludes.

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