The 17 best cards from Streets of New Capenna, the new expansion with La Cosa Nostra from Magic: The Gathering

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Summer is coming and, with it, also the arrival of a new expansion of Magic: The Gathering with which to make the hours fly when the heat begins to fry our brains in the coming months.

On April 28 at MTG Arena and Magic Online, and in physical format a day later, the Streets of New Capenna and their mafia families will flood our Magic: The Gathering games with cards as spectacular and promising as these.

The best Streets of New Capenna cards


We begin this review of our Magic Chronicles with what is undoubtedly one of my favorite cards from the new expansion. You already know that I have a devotion to draw as many cards as possible because they always burn my hands, and that is precisely what it offers Raffine from the hand of mechanics collude.

Confabulate invites us to draw a card and then discard a card. If we discard a nonland, we add a +1/+1 counter on the card it’s plotting. Beware of your chances with cards like the ledger shredderwhich promises to make the opponent think more than once about casting another spell.

Úrabrask, on the other hand, is one of the many legendary creatures of this expansion they are going to play with the bets of the mafia underworld casinos. Exiling instead of stealing is definitely a play that can really piss off your opponent.


a lot of eye to Luxior, gift from Giada, which promises to be a revulsive destined to buff any creature or Planeswalker that we have in play. For one mana, the trade you can give to cards like Ob Nixilis in just a handful of turns it is simply spectacular.

The Planeswalker does not fall short in itself, allowing you to sacrifice creatures to add copies and, incidentally, go sapping the life of the enemy with each new increase in points. All with the hope of going one step further to turn it into a devastating creature capable of fighting one-on-one on the battlefield.

I can think of many options for the sneaky fencebut being able to enjoy a card with good strength and life to which you can add additional abilities by the mere fact of bringing it down to the table makes it difficult to choose just one.


Despite the overdose of white, black and blue, the rest of the colors don’t seem to be lame in this new expansion either. And to show a button, a widget called Smugglers’ Cache that promises to become our greatest joy by adding treasures every time we turn our lands.

More surprises, this time from the hand of all-seeing referee a 5/4 that flies and can allow us to play with the discards to sap the strength of the enemy creatures. One of those cards that will be difficult to get the hang of but then they will be a joy.

Void Tear It is one of those instants that will force us to want to play with more extensive color combinations than normal. It is part of the grace of this new expansion, of course, but it is appreciated to come across such good excuses to promote it.


I can’t think of a situation where Don Xander, the Collector I can’t save you a game. Yes, it is true that he will be late to the game and that playing it will be a toothache, but once he reaches the field, his chances of leaving the opponent in diapers are excellent.

White fans don’t worry, they’ll have more than enough reason to keep building angel decks around the color. To show the following Planeswalker, capable of snorting creatures and creating armies in less than a rooster sings.

And of glowing elspeth we jump to Falco Spara, the Pact-Weavera creature that will benefit from its association with the previous Planeswalker to continue adding skills to that flight and overwhelm that can end up delivering so many joys.


The final stretch is crowned by another of the great cards of this expansion. The halo font It will be one of the most celebrated by all those who enjoy good combos to fill the table with creatures and be able to play their last ability to win “without effort”.

For its part, Jetmir, owner of the festivals invites us to snort that possible army we were talking about. Up to three more points of attack, vigilance, trample, and double strike for those who manage to keep nine or more creatures.

An immense beast that you can stop so that it doesn’t attack you but that, on the contrary, will be helping to continue shaping that army that we were talking about a few seconds ago. No doubt the Reservoir Kraken going to be a tough contender.


We shelve the review with two letters that have nothing to envy to all the others. First we have living on the hunta Planeswalker whose great trump card is to fill both our table and our hand by playing it with sacrifices and ground cards.

And finally, another bicharraco wanting to play with the sacrifices. This time a legendary dragon that flies and can do an amount of damage equal to the power of the creature that we sacrifice in each final step. Ziatora, the Incinerator It’s going to come in handy to finish cleaning the table.

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