Sony is following in Microsoft’s footsteps and plans to include ads within PS5 and PS4 games, according to Business Insider

Last week the news broke that Microsoft is in the process of developing a system with which to include ads within its free video games. Now, it is Sony that is going the same wayas pointed out by Business Insider.

The sources consulted by the media explain that the Japanese company is in tests with advertising technology companies to carry out this plan. The goal is to make it easier for developers to include ads within their titles and thus encourage the creation of free-to-play works to increase monetization.

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As with Microsoft, an example of this would be to use billboards around the stage, although the fact of offering rewards to those users who see the ads is not ruled out. All the machinery is expected to be launched at the end of 2022 thanks to a private advertiser market.

The information points out that it is still not clear if Sony will take part of the income generated, since the possibility of charging studios and publishers for consumer activity data is being considered. Despite this, the collection of personal information such as names or emails is ruled out. Sony’s idea has been brewing for a long time, for at least 18 months, shortly after the launch of PS5.

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