Is Luffy’s power limited? This is what we know so far


It should be remembered that chapter 1047 will be released until April 24

After having published three consecutive chapters, it’s time for Eiichiro Oda to take a break and One Piece Chapter 1047 will be released on April 24, 2022, according to MangaPlus app, which will leave us with a short break from the Wano Arc. However, this allows us to speculate on what will be the fate of the franchise from now on.

First, it is worth remembering that One Piece chapter 1046 showed the new abilities of Monkey D. Luffy now that he has awakened his devil fruit, which puts him on the same level as Kaido in a battle, which may set us up for the real battle in the manga in One Piece chapter 1047. At the same time, Raizo’s master plan to put out the fire in Onigashima was established by using all the water from Zunesha’s bath, he was able to save countless lives from being lost.

one piece 1047 luffy

One Piece 1047 is likely to follow the story right from the final panel of the previous chapter which saw Luffy in his giant form taking to the skies and grabbing a lightning bolt to attack Kaido who seemed quite ecstatic to see what he was capable of. first. Although, from this point it is established that the gear five wears down this new form both physically and mentally. Most likely, the next chapter will show the result of this attrition..

However, Kaido will surely take a lot of damage after the last attack before Luffy collapses. If Kaido weakens further, Onigashima is likely to fall, meaning it’s up to Momonosuke to hold the island up using his own clouds of flame. It is possible that One Piece chapter 1047 will show this scene and Kaido now wants to use his remaining strength to defeat Luffy for good in a fair fight.

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One Piece 1047 will show the limit of Luffy’s gear five

One Piece 1047 could focus even more on Luffy’s devil fruit awakening and Kaido could harness his powers at last after this point. Kaido is exceptionally powerful, so it should come as no surprise that he has also awakened Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu. According to him, once the user’s mind and body have fully caught up with the power of the Devil Fruit, awakening occurs. Evidently, Kaido would only know this if he is an awakened Devil Fruit user himself.

Unsurprisingly, this allows him to fight to the best of his ability and make use of the true power of Kaido’s many drunken stages. Even though Luffy and Kaido have been fighting for quite some time since Luffy’s defeat, it’s quite strange to see that Kaido is not fighting at his best, considering that the fights written by Oda usually show the limit of power of his antagonists. , even more so considering that he is one of the strongest pirates today.

one piece 1047 luffy

Fans are likely to see Kaido’s true powers very soon and once that happens, Luffy’s fight against Kaido will truly enter its final phase in One Piece 1047.. At the same time, fans might also see the next chapter focusing on the smaller events like Sanji who was unable to help the geisha out of Onigashima.

one piece 1047 luffy

At the same time, Zoro is in much worse health, completely out of action, and according to Franky, our swordsman is pretty close to death. The upcoming One Piece chapter 1047 could also show fans what Apoo is up to, what Yamato is supposed to do from here on out, will he finally join the mugiwara? and how Momonosuke will tackle the problem of raising Onigashima and preventing Wano from being destroyed. Most importantly, fans will be able to witness Luffy and Kaido’s epic fight continue. It’s quite normal for Luffy to develop new techniques as he fights, so Gear 5 is far from over at this point.

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