Gwen Stacy becomes a deadly and impressive Wolverine


Marvel Comics reveals one of the deadliest versions of Gwen Stacy.

The multiverse from Marvel allows to make important and curious changes with respect to some of the most important characters of the editorial. This allows renovations to be carried out on stories already created, offering a wide range of possibilities.

Marvel Comics reveals one of the deadliest versions of Gwen Stacy


the adventures of multiverse from Spider-Gwen continue as the heroine is about to discover a version of herself turned into Wolverines. According to the editorial itself, this would be one of the most lethal and dangerous versions that have been shown on Gwen Stacy till the date. In a new preview of Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #2 from marvel comicsa variant of Captain America from Gwen Stacy fight against Gwenverine. In this series of comics, the world of Spider-Gwen has been altered and it will be her who has to discover five versions of herself over time that allow her to fix her own reality. So far a version of her turned into a Thor and is expected to discover another version of herself turned into the great Hombre de Hierro.

gwen wolverine

In the preview of Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #2 appears the variant of Captain America from Gwen Stacy and the version of Wolverine Gwenverine appears with his claws ready for battle. This curious version of Gwen Stacy calls herself Gwen Howlett and shares a similar origin to Wolverines original from Marvel, including his claws, instinct and his powerful skeleton. While battling the Captain America embodied in Gwen Stacy, Gwenverine She exchanges words about her origins and the events that led her to become who she is today.

Gwenverine she explained that she was unable to choose her origin as she had always been considered a weapon. That is why the variant of Wolverines from Gwen Stacy does not lie about being forced to become a living weapon and considers it unfair that the Captain America I had a choice about this. It is because of that Gwenverine he gets angry and wants to destroy the Captain America from Gwen Stacy with all his strength. You can already see the variant of Wolverines by Gwen Stacy in Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse #2.

gwen wolverine

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