the SEGA classic will make the leap to the big screen by the creator of John Wick

From the streets of Wood Oak City to the movie theaters. After the resounding success At the box office of Sonic 2, The Movie, SEGA moves again and announces that Streets of Rage will hit the big screen. A piece of news for fans and nostalgics of the Mega Drive as well as for fans of action movies: Derek Kolstad, the creator of the John Wick franchise, is part of the project.

the saga street of rage was born on the legendary Mega Drive continuing the philosophy of bringing the emotions of arcades to consoles. What’s more, the premise of the classic trilogy was simple but very effective: sweep the streets of an entire city of thugs clean of thugs with punches to the face, headbutts, and knees to the ribs.

Sonic 2, from the success of the Mega Drive to the Big Screen

It was the Deadline medium who has made the announcement official exclusively, confirming the participation of Kolstad as well as the producers dj2Entertainmentwho has participated in the Sonic movies, and Escape Artists, responsible for the Equalizer saga. A triple endorsement that revalidates the trust in this adaptation by those nostalgic for 16-bit SEGA and street action movies.

For his part, Kolstad continues to be involved in taking video games beyond the consoles on which they were born: in 2020 his participation in the adaptation of Splinter Cell for Netflix became official. Although, we are not going to deny it, that the creator of John Wick is in charge of shaping street of rage It is an additional claim for the film.

A rebirth for one of the most beloved saga of SEGA

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license of street of rage has not been forgotten, but the truth is that it has been in an undeserved second row for too long: beyond the re-releases, updated adaptations and its essential presence in the Mega Drive compilations, the forceful saga of SEGA’s Beat’em Up had to wait no less than a quarter of a century waiting to be continued.

Of course, the return of Axel, Blaze and company was in style: DotEmu dared to give a fourth numbered installment to street of rage exactly two years ago. A title that preserved the essence of the Mega Drive classics, but that also represented the natural evolution of the saga in all its aspects. From the visual to the playable. Convincing the fans of that time and dazzling the new players.

A success that was revalidated in July 2021 with Mr. X Nightmare, a powerful DLC with powerful new features and an infinite mode that you can see just below.

What does the announcement of the film mean? street of rage? For now, the saga returns to the front row and is positioned among the new priorities to be considered by SEGA, which is a very good sign. On the other hand, we are looking forward to seeing what new classics from the supersonic hedgehog company will follow the trend and end up hitting theaters.

For its part, Streets of Rage 4 is available on all systems, including consoles, PCs and even mobile devices. And if you have a Game Pass subscription, we can’t help but recommend that you give it a play: it will soon disappear from your game collection. We give you notice.

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