the best help to annihilate any Elden Ring boss comes as a mod

Almost like a whisper, a shadow that very few have been able to see. The legend has risen during the last days in Elden Ring thanks to Let Me Only Her, a player capable of destroying Malenia, one of the most difficult bosses in the entire game. If you’re lucky enough to be able to summon it, enjoy watching the warrior air out like it was nothing.

A very appreciated help and also much requested. That is why it is practically a lottery that you have to play with Let Me Solo Her. You can now wait for her summon symbol to appear on the ground that you will most likely never see it. For this reason, the modders have set to work to end this problem.

Garden of Eyes has been commissioned to create a mod that allows us to invoke Let Me Solo Her whenever we feel like it. Therefore, we have at our side a character with nothing more than a jar on his head and two swords with which to face whoever is needed. Here you have it in action.

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“I always carry a jar on my head and never run away from any fight against Malenia,” reads the description of her summon. A few words that resonate like an echo and to get hold of it, it is necessary subscribe to patreon of this creator.

A small price to facilitate the game in Elden Ring and get one of the most peculiar summons ever made. Meanwhile, you can make a good collection of great wallpapers with beautiful images of the FromSoftware title.

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